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Stretching DNA with optical tweezers.
Force-extension (F-x) relationships were measured for single molecules of DNA under a variety of buffer conditions, using an optical trapping interferometer modified to incorporate feedback control.Expand
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Mechanical disruption of individual nucleosomes reveals a reversible multistage release of DNA
The dynamic structure of individual nucleosomes was examined by stretching nucleosomal arrays with a feedback-enhanced optical trap. Forced disassembly of each nucleosome occurred in three stages.Expand
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Force and velocity measured for single molecules of RNA polymerase.
RNA polymerase (RNAP) moves along DNA while carrying out transcription, acting as a molecular motor. Transcriptional velocities for single molecules of Escherichia coli RNAP were measured asExpand
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Estimating the persistence length of a worm-like chain molecule from force-extension measurements.
We describe a simple computation of the worm-like chain model and obtain the corresponding force-versus-extension curve. We propose an improvement to the Marko and Siggia interpolation formula ofExpand
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Transcription Under Torsion
Keeping Transcription Going In cells, the DNA double-stranded helix (dsDNA) is mostly supercoiled—either under- or overwound. RNA polymerase (RNAP) must transcribe though this supercoiled DNA.Expand
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Abrupt buckling transition observed during the plectoneme formation of individual DNA molecules.
The response of single DNA molecules to externally applied forces and torques was directly measured using an angular optical trap. Upon overwinding, DNA buckled abruptly as revealed by a sharpExpand
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High resolution dynamic mapping of histone-DNA interactions in a nucleosome
The nature of the nucleosomal barrier that regulates access to the underlying DNA during many cellular processes is not fully understood. Here we present a detailed map of histone-DNA interactionsExpand
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Stretching of single collapsed DNA molecules.
The elastic response of single plasmid and lambda phage DNA molecules was probed using optical tweezers at concentrations of trivalent cations that provoked DNA condensation in bulk. For uncondensedExpand
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Single-Molecule Studies Reveal Dynamics of DNA Unwinding by the Ring-Shaped T7 Helicase
Helicases are molecular motors that separate DNA strands for efficient replication of genomes. We probed the kinetics of individual ring-shaped T7 helicase molecules as they unwound double-strandedExpand
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