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Local attitudes towards conservation and tourism around Komodo National Park, Indonesia
Ensuring local support for protected areas is increasingly viewed as an important element of biodiversity conservation. This is often predicated on the provision of benefits from protected areas, andExpand
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Factors affecting susceptibility of farms to crop raiding by African elephants: using a predictive model to mitigate conflict
1. Crop raiding by African elephants Loxodonta africana erodes local tolerance for elephants and thereby impedes conservation efforts, so solutions are urgently required. Within conflict zones, cropExpand
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Cattle ranchers' attitudes to conflicts with jaguar Panthera onca in the Pantanal of Brazil
Across its range in Latin America the jaguar Panthera onca is threatened by habitat loss and through conflict with people. In the Pantanal of Brazil, where large areas of land are devoted to cattleExpand
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Assessing farm-based measures for mitigating human-elephant conflict in Transmara District, Kenya
Crop raiding by elephants is widespread across Africa and Asia. Although many traditional and novel methods are used to defend farms there have been few rigorous tests of their efficacy. We provide aExpand
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Local economic impacts of dragon tourism in Indonesia.
Abstract Ecotourism in protected areas is viewed as a sustainable alternative to mass tourism and as a means of providing benefits to local communities which bear the greatest opportunity costs ofExpand
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Pricing Policy for Tourism in Protected Areas: Lessons from Komodo National Park, Indonesia
Protected areas are under increasing pressure to provide economic justification for their existence, particularly in developing countries where demand for land and natural resources is high.Expand
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Sampling butterflies in tropical rainforest: an evaluation of a transect walk method
An adapted version of the 'Pollard walk' is frequently used in tropical rainforest to assess the abundance and diversity of butterfly species. Data from a study of primary and secondary forest inExpand
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Feeding dragons in Komodo National Park: a tourism tool with conservation complications
Large carnivores are key visitor attractions in protected areas, but are difficult to see. Thus, supplementary feeding is sometimes used to attract them to viewing sites. Such intervention isExpand
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Status of the Mara Woodlands in Kenya
The woodlands of the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya have suffered dramatic declines over four decades as a result of elephant and fire pressure. This study examined the current status of woodyExpand
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Population dynamics and future conservation of a free-ranging black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) population in Kenya
The black rhinoceros has declined throughout its range since the 1960s as a result of illegal killing to supply the international trade in rhino horn. However, in recent years the decline has beenExpand
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