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Initial sequencing and comparative analysis of the mouse genome.
The sequence of the mouse genome is a key informational tool for understanding the contents of the human genome and a key experimental tool for biomedical research. Here, we report the results of anExpand
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The DNA sequence of the human X chromosome
The human X chromosome has a unique biology that was shaped by its evolution as the sex chromosome shared by males and females. We have determined 99.3% of the euchromatic sequence of the XExpand
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Complicated grief and related bereavement issues for DSM‐5
Bereavement is a severe stressor that typically incites painful and debilitating symptoms of acute grief that commonly progresses to restoration of a satisfactory, if changed, life. Normally, griefExpand
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Correlates of fruit and vegetable intake among adolescents. Findings from Project EAT.
BACKGROUND This study aims to identify correlates of fruits and vegetables from within the domains of personal factors (taste preferences, health/nutrition attitudes, weight/body concerns, andExpand
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Shared risk and protective factors for overweight and disordered eating in adolescents.
BACKGROUND Weight-related problems, including obesity, eating disorders, and disordered eating, are major public health problems in adolescents. The identification of shared risk and protectiveExpand
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A close look at the spatial structure implied by the CAR and SAR models
Modeling spatial interactions that arise in spatially referenced data is commonly done by incorporating the spatial dependence into the covariance structure either explicitly or implicitly via anExpand
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Obesity, disordered eating, and eating disorders in a longitudinal study of adolescents: how do dieters fare 5 years later?
OBJECTIVE To determine if adolescents who report dieting and different weight-control behaviors are at increased or decreased risk for gains in body mass index, overweight status, binge eating,Expand
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Dieting and unhealthy weight control behaviors during adolescence: associations with 10-year changes in body mass index.
BACKGROUND Dieting and unhealthy weight control behaviors are common among adolescents and questions exist regarding their long-term effect on weight status. OBJECTIVE To examine 10-yearExpand
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Association of State Recreational Marijuana Laws With Adolescent Marijuana Use
Importance Historical shifts are occurring in marijuana policy. The effect of legalizing marijuana for recreational use on rates of adolescent marijuana use is a topic of considerable debate.Expand
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Dieting and disordered eating behaviors from adolescence to young adulthood: findings from a 10-year longitudinal study.
BACKGROUND Disordered eating behaviors are prevalent in adolescence and can have harmful consequences. An important question is whether use of these behaviors in adolescence sets the pattern forExpand
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