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Late Moscovian terrestrial biotas and palaeoenvironments of Variscan Euramerica
Abstract A synthesis of the upper Moscovian sedimentological and palaeontological record of terrestrial habitats across the Variscan foreland and adjacent intramontane basins (an area which isExpand
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Sequence stratigraphy of Carboniferous paralic deposits in the Lublin Basin (SE Poland)
Based on lithofacies analysis of clastic, clay and carbonate rocks, wireline logs and sequence stratigraphy, sixteen depositional sequences have been distinguished in the paralic CarboniferousExpand
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Carboniferous coarsening-upward and non-gradational cyclothems in the Lublin Basin (SE Poland): palaeoclimatic implications
Abstract The paper presents the characteristics of profiles consisting of coarsening-upward and non-gradational cyclothems that correspond to parasequences in the Visean, Serpukhovian and BashkirianExpand
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Braided-river and hyperconcentrated-flow deposits from the Carboniferous of the Lublin Basin (SE Poland) – a sedimentological study of core data
Abstract Fining-upwards cyclothems found in five boreholes in the Carboniferous (Lower Bashkirian) of the Lublin Basin were analysed sedimentologically. It was established that the cyclothemsExpand
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Diagenesis, sequence stratigraphy and reservoir quality of the Carboniferous deposits of the southeastern Lublin Basin (SE Poland)
This study estimates the reservoir properties of the Carboniferous deposits in the southeastern part of the Lublin Basin based on diagenetic and sequence stratigraphic patterns. DepositionalExpand