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A Reversible Photoreaction Controlling Seed Germination.
* Part of this work was done as a National Research Council Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. 1 Bonner, J. T., Am. J. Bot., 31, 175 (1944). 2 Skupienski, F. X., Recherches Sur LeExpand
The Reaction Controlling Floral Initiation.
The equivalence of the control for the size of a pea leaf, after it has developed somewhat in darkness and then is exposed briefly to light, is established with the control of floral initiation in soybean and in barley plants. Expand
Photoperiodic Pereception in Biloxi Soy Beans
Control of initiation is exercised only through application of photoperiods of proper length to the leaves, and whether the responses secured in these experiments are due to a flower forming hormone or to other causes remains to be determined. Expand
Action Spectrum for the Photoperiodic Control of Floral Initiation of Short-Day Plants
1. The purposes of this investigation were to obtain quantitative data on the photoreactions that prevent flowering of short-day plants, from which an action spectrum relating wave length toExpand
Influence of Photoperiods upon the Differentiation of Meristems and the Blossoming of Biloxi Soy Beans
Stimulation of two short photoperiods was sufficient to alter the course of development of the growing points in such a way that differentiation of flower primordia resulted, and the time of blossoming of young Biloxi soy beans was influenced. Expand
Floral Initiation in Biloxi Soybean as Influenced by Grafting
Water and probably mineral nutrients move across Phaseolus-Biloxi graft unions readily, but elaborated foods do not appear to cross such unions. Expand
Floral Initiation in Biloxi Soybeans as Influenced by Age and Position of Leaf Receiving Photoperiodic Treatment
The capacities of different leaves to supply a flower-forming stimulus is correlated with their relative states of maturity and not with their distances from the growing points where flowers are formed. Expand
Effects of Photoperiod and Temperature on Growth and Development of Kok-saghyz
Results of these experiments indicate cool temperature and long photoperiod as conditions most favorable to early blooming of seedlings. Expand
Relationship of Photoperiod and Nitrogen Nutrition to Initiation of Flower Primordia in Soybean Varieties
The total number of nodes per plant increased with increasing nitrogen concentration when Lincoln, Morse, and Virginia were grown on photoperiods that delay flowering, while this was not true for plants of the T-48 variety. Expand