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A new public health problem arises from animal trypanosomes that afflict human by a disease called atypical human trypanosomiasis. Although humans have an innate protection against most TrypanosomaExpand
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Evaluation and Application of Spirals and Water-only Cyclones in Cleaning Fine Coal
Abstract This study investigates the influence of different operating parameters on the performance of the two density separators to determine their applications and limitations within the finesExpand
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The current status of fleas according to environmental changes in some Governorates in Egypt.
A preliminary survey of domestic rodent and their fleas was carried out in different environmental Governorates (Ismailia, Dakahlia, El-Fayoum, North Sinai and Matrouh), Egypt. Flea index (number ofExpand
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Rodent borne diseases and their fleas in Menoufia Governorate, Egypt.
A preliminary survey of domestic rodent borne diseases and their fleas was carried out in ten centers of Menofiya (Quesna, Shebeen El-Kom, Berka El-Saabe, El-Bagour, El-Shohada, Tala, Menoff, SearthExpand
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Studies on mosquito borne dieases in Egypt and Qatar.
Mosquitoes identification, distribution and densities in representative Egyptian Governorates and five Qatarain Municipalities (Al Rayyan, Doha, Al Daayan, Al Khor & Al Zahakira and Al Shamal) wereExpand
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Efficacy of certain insecticides against rat flea (Xenopsylla cheopis) among rodent species in Cairo Governorate, Egypt.
The efficacy of malathion, chlorpyrifos and deltamethrine to oriental rat flea, Xenopsylla cheopis associated different rodent species was carried out in Cairo Governorates. The results indicatedExpand
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Field studies on dominant rodents and the efficacy of certain insecticides to their fleas in Dakahlia Governorate, Egypt.
A preliminary survey of domestic rodent and the efficacy of bendiocarb, diazinon and pirimiphos-methyl insecticides to their fleas were carried out in Dakahlia Governorates (Aga, Meet-Ghamr,Expand
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Susceptibility of Culex pipiens complex to some insecticides in Qatar.
Insecticides susceptibility tests were conducted on Culex pipiens larvae from both Doha and Al-Rayan. The insecticides used were chloropyrifos, propetamphos (Organophosphorous), cyphenothrin,Expand
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Susceptibility of bromadiolone anticoagulant rodenticide in two rodent species and its haematologic effect.
Susceptibility levels of the Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus and the roof rat, Rattus rattus to bromadiolone anticoagulant rodenticide by bioassay and biochemical methods were studied. Animals wereExpand
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Efficiency of three anti-coagulant rodenticides on commensal rodents.
Susceptibiliy level to bromadilone, difencoum and coumtertraly anticoagulants were studied in different species of Norway rat Rattus norvegicus and roof rat Rattus rattus trapped from El-QualyobiaExpand
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