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The general biology of adult lampreys
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The biology of lampreys
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Biology of the Cyclostomes
Distribution, variety and life cycles.- Perspectives and relationships.- Ecology and behaviour.- Respiration and feeding.- The heart and circulatory system.- The skeleton and the muscular system.-Expand
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Distribution, phylogeny and taxonomy
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Seasonal Changes in Movements, Abundance, Size Composition and Diversity of the Fish Fauna of the Severn Estuary
Estuaries perform a crucial role in the life-cycle of many fish (Cronin & Mansueti, 1971; Day, Blaber & Wallace, 1981; Dando, 1984). They provide a migratory route for anadromous and catadromousExpand
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Ecology and behaviour
Characteristically, hagfishes are adapted for life at considerable depths at high salinities and low light intensities, but within the group there are distinct species differences, particularly inExpand
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The nervous system
Although some progress has been made towards a functional analysis of the cyclostome spinal cord, this task has been made more difficult by virtue of its peculiar characteristics which have impededExpand
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Physiological adaptations of the living agnathans
The modes of life and environments of the extant agnathans (cyclostomes) are discussed in relation to their adaptations to temperature, light, oxygen and salinity. As their antitropical distributionExpand
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