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Intensive care in tetanus: management, complications, and mortality in 100 cases.
Early resort to tracheostomy and paralysis in severe tetanus resulted in a favourable mortality of 10% in the series, and full intensive-care facilities, with a trained nurse to care for each patient, must be available at all times. Expand
Concentrations of serotonin in plasma--a test for appendicitis?
It is concluded that measuring serotonin may be of value in confirming or excluding the diagnosis of early acute appendicitis where the physical signs are equivocal, and thus helps reduce unnecessary appendectomies, however, serotonin is of little help in diagnosing gangrenous appendicis, where physical Signs are more likely to be clearcut. Expand
Aerobic and anaerobic bacteriology of subcutaneous abscesses
Pus from 84 patients with subcutaneous abscesses was examined for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria: organisms were recovered from 70 (83·3 per cent). In 13 no organisms were seen in the Gram‐stainedExpand
Burn hazard with cement.
This case report tends to support the view that major injury will be minimised in this type of dangerous accident, and patients should be strongly advised to wear seat belts, properly fitted in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions. Expand
A simple screening test for acute pancreatitis
The Rapignost‐Amylase test is of potential value to screen for clinically occult acute pancreatitis and other causes of acute abdominal pain. Expand
Screening for acute pancreatitis: A rapid assay for plasma lipase
The test was positive in all 23 patients with acute pancreatitis who were tested on the day of admission to hospital, in one patients with a pancreatitic pseudocyst and in one patient with hyperamylasaemia and hyperlipasaemia due to a perforated duodenal ulcer. Expand
Long-term recovery from tetanus: a study of 50 survivors.
A follow-up study of 50 patients treated in the tetanus unit of the General Infirmary at Leeds from 1961 to 1977 showed that 29 patients had regained normal health, nine were still improving, but 12Expand
The undiscovered country
A 19-year-old boy, a known LSD and barbiturate addict, was found in coma in a flat, lying under the naked body of his girl friend, who was dead. He was found to have a left hemiparesis, and when heExpand