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Design, Sensing, and Control of a Scaled Wind Tunnel for Atmospheric Display
Creating wind within virtual environments (e.g., wind display) is a challenging problem with a potential to develop immersive atmospheric display for virtual reality systems. This paper describes
Output Feedback Control of Wind Display in a Virtual Environment
The small gain theorem is used in conjunction with a dynamic extension to formulate an output feedback control law and examples of controller formulations are derived and discrete time simulations in FLUENT demonstrate their effectiveness.
Sensitivity Analysis of a Three-Dimensional Wind Tunnel Design
The present paper describes the design of the TreadPort Adaptive Wind Tunnel (TPAWT), which is a wind tunnel retrofit to the University of Utah Treadport Virtual Environment (VE). The TPAWT
Steady headwind display with conditional angular rate-switching control
Key to this research is the addition of a negative pressure plenum at the rear of the treadport to improve nominal flow stability and reduce wind angle error by 75% compared to previous work.