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Soil Improvement: Prefabricated Vertical Drain Techniques
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The consolidation and permeability characteristics of the Singapore marine clay were investigated by laboratory and in situ tests. The coefficient of consolidation and the coefficient of permeabilityExpand
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Practical considerations for using vertical drains in soil improvement projects
Abstract More than 140 million meters of prefabricated vertical drains (PVDs) have been installed for the soil improvement work for the Changi East land reclamation project in Singapore. Some usefulExpand
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Characteristics of Singapore Marine Clay at Changi
Singapore marine clay at Changi is a quartenary deposit that lies within valleys cut in the Old Alluvium. It is locally known as Kallang formation. The pre-reclamation site characterization andExpand
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Geotechnical characteristics of recycled crushed brick blends for pavement sub-base applications
This paper presents the findings of a laboratory investigation on the characterization of recycled crushed brick when blended with recycled concrete aggregate and crushed rock for pavement sub-baseExpand
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Fine recycled glass: a sustainable alternative to natural aggregates
Abstract Fine recycled glass is the main by-product of the glass recycling industry in Victoria, Australia. Holding the maximum particle size of 4.75 mm, it mainly comprises of sand size particlesExpand
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In Situ Pore Water Pressure Dissipation Testing of Marine Clay under Reclamation Fills
In situ dissipation tests provide a means of evaluating the in situ coefficient of horizontal consolidation and horizontal hydraulic conductivity of soft clays. Dissipation tests by means ofExpand
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Soil improvement works for an offshore land reclamation
The Changi East reclamation project was carried out in five phases along the foreshore of the east coast of Singapore. The water depths in the reclaimed area ranged from 5 to 15 m. The projectExpand
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Long-term settlement prediction for wastewater biosolids in road embankments
An innovative research study was undertaken to characterize the settlement characteristics of aged wastewater biosolids to facilitate its long-term settlement prediction when used as fill material inExpand
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Improvement of ultra-soft soil using prefabricated vertical drains
Abstract A case study of using prefabricated vertical drains (PVDs) to accelerate the consolidation of an ultra-soft fine-grained soil with high moisture content for a land reclamation project isExpand
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