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Determination of biogenic amines by capillary zone electrophoresis with conductometric detection.
The developed capillary zone electrophoresis method with conductometric detection of biogenic amines (cadaverine, putrescine, agmatine, histamine, tryptamine and tyramine) was successfully applied on the determination of biogens in selected food samples.
Analysis of the active components of silymarin.
Antioxidant properties expressed as total antioxidant status (TAS) of silymarin components were studied and results of TAS were correlated with electropherograms and chromatograms.
Effect of processing of apple puree on patulin content
Evaluated the course of patulin degradation during the processing of apple puree under the conditions close to the real production process to identify potential health hazard especially in apple based baby food.
Determination of fumaric acid in apple juice by on-line coupled capillary isotachophoresis-capillary zone electrophoresis with UV detection.
Low laboriousness (no sample pretreatment), sufficient sensitivity and low running cost are the important attributes of the cITP-CZE method which was successfully applied to analyses of real samples of apple juices.
Cyanogenesis in Canned Stone Fruits
The amount of cyanogenic glycosides in seeds and pulp of stone fruits, and the HCN content in heat processed unstoned fruit have shown that the decisive factors affecting HCN concentration in canned
Variability of characteristic components of aronia.
Snebergrova J., Cižkova H., Neradova E., Kapci B., Rajchl A., Voldřich† M. (2014): Variability of characteristic components of aronia. Czech J. Food Sci., 32: 25–30. The variability of characteristic
The influence of high pressure and/or antimicrobials on some functional properties of liquid whole egg.
The influence of the high pressure treatment of 300 MPa/200 s, possibly combined with antimicrobial additives, on the quality of liquid whole egg (LWE) in terms of rheology, foaming and
Polymer films releasing nisin and/or natamycin from polyvinyldichloride lacquer coating: Nisin and natamycin migration, efficiency in cheese packaging
Abstract Polyethylene films coated by commercially available polyvinyldichloride (PVdC) as well as nitrocellulose (NC) lacquer with addition of natamycin preparation Delvocid® (16.7% w/w of natamycin
Occurrence of extractable ink residuals in packaging materials used in the Czech Republic
Several findings of high levels of photo-initiators in packaging materials commercially used in the Czech Republic indicate that their real migration into food and/or food simulants needs to be undertaken for a proper safety evaluation.