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Culture and Foreign Policy
Fighting Identity: Sacred War and World Change
Past into Future
FIGHTING IDENTITY: Why We Are Losing Our Wars
THE PLACE: The River Frigidus, in a country we now call Bosnia. The time: autumn, 394. Two Roman emperors. Theodosius I and Eugenius, are at war, with the world in the balance. A deciding factor:Expand
An underwater robotic testbed for multi-vehicle control
The PVC-ROV underwater robot testbed is a low-cost, three vehicle system designed to support research into multi-robot control techniques. Each vehicle is composed of a PVC frame with bilge-pumpExpand
Entering the Infosphere
The world is entering an historical period of big change. Big change is complex and chaotic, and almost impossible to view from an objective distance by any of its participants. Big change is definedExpand
The Modern Olympiad: A Clash of Ideologies
-LL Americans seem to love the Olympics. They adore the hoopla and the flashy pageantry, and fall in a hush with the parade of noble sentiments. Above all, they gather by the millions at theExpand
Executive Report: JSOU (Joint Special Operations University) Second Annual Symposium. Irregular Warfare: Strategic Utility of SOF
Abstract : The Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) Strategic Studies Department held its second annual academic symposium on Irregular Warfare: The Strategic Utility of Special OperationsExpand