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Lorentzian Wormholes: From Einstein to Hawking
Preface Acknowledgments I. Background: 1. Introduction 2. General Relativity 3. Quantum Field Theory 4. Units and Natural Scales II. History: 5. The Einstein-Rosen Bridge 6. Spacetime Foam 7. TheExpand
Acoustic black holes: horizons, ergospheres and Hawking radiation
It is a deceptively simple question to ask how acoustic disturbances propagate in a non-homogeneous flowing fluid. Subject to suitable restrictions, this question can be answered by invoking theExpand
Understanding the shape of Java software
We present the results of the first in-depth study of the structure of Java programs in the wild. Expand
Analogue Gravity
Analogue gravity is a research programme which investigates analogues of general relativistic gravitational fields within other physical systems, typically but not exclusively condensed matterExpand
Black holes in general relativity
What is going on (as of August 2008) at the interface between theoretical general relativity, string-inspired models, and observational astrophysics? Quite a lot. In this mini-survey I will make aExpand
Analogue Gravity
Analogue models of (and for) gravity have a long and distinguished history dating back to the earliest years of general relativity. In this review article we will discuss the history, aims, results,Expand
Traversable wormholes with arbitrarily small energy condition violations.
Traversable wormholes necessarily require violations of the averaged null energy condition, this being the definition of "exotic matter." However, the theorems which guarantee the energy conditionExpand
Analogue gravity from Bose-Einstein condensates
We analyse prospects for the use of Bose–Einstein condensates as condensedmatter systems suitable for generating a generic ‘effective metric’, and for mimicking kinematic aspects of generalExpand
Essential and inessential features of Hawking radiation
There are numerous derivations of the Hawking effect available in the literature. They emphasise different features of the process, and sometimes make markedly different physical assumptions. ThisExpand
Quantum gravity without Lorentz invariance
There has been a significant surge of interest in Hoyrava's model for 3+1 dimensional quantum gravity, this model being based on anisotropic scaling at a z = 3 Lifshitz point. Hoyrava's model, andExpand