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The ecology of marine nematodes
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Macrobenthic community structure of soft-bottom sediments at the Belgian Continental Shelf
Abstract Within the frame of different research projects, a large number of sites at the Belgian Continental Shelf (BCS) have been sampled for the macrobenthos between 1994 and 2000. These samplesExpand
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Observations on the Feeding Ecology of Estuarine Nematodes
Observations on living estuarine nematodes show that previous feeding type classifications do not accurately represent the trophic structure of an intertidal mudflat in the Westerschelde EstuaryExpand
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Meiobenthos of the Deep Northeast Atlantic
This chapter throws the attention on the meiobenthos of the deep northeast Atlantic. The main purpose of this chapter is to summarize new results from an area lying between 15°N and 53°N andExpand
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Mitochondrial DNA variation and cryptic speciation within the free-living marine nematode Pellioditis marina
An inverse correlation between dispersal ability and genetic differentiation among populations of a species is frequently observed in the marine environment. We investigated the population geneticExpand
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Ecological implications of the presence of the tube-building polychaete Lanice conchilega on soft-bottom benthic ecosystems
The common tube-building polychaete Lanice conchilega is known as a habitat structuring species and can form dense aggregations. The effects of L. conchilega on the surrounding benthic community haveExpand
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Meiobenthos of the central Arctic Ocean with special emphasis on the nematode community structure
We investigated the abundance of the meiobenthos and the biomass and community structure of the nematodes in the central Arctic Ocean along two separate transects during 1991 and 1994. MeiobenthosExpand
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Comparative study of the nematode communities on the southeastern Weddell Sea shelf and slope (Antarctica)
Nothing is known about the structure of free-living marine nematode communities in the high Antarctic. Our attempt at surveying this numerically most abundant meiobenthic taxon along the continentalExpand
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Meiofauna response to the Agip Abruzzo oil spill in subtidal sediments of the Ligurian Sea
Abstract The effects of the Agip Abruzzo oil spill (10 April 1991) on meiobenthic assemblages of the Ligurian Sea were investigated using samples collected from January 1991 to January 1992.Expand
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Tracing organic matter sources of estuarine tidal flat nematodes with stable carbon isotopes
The present study explores the use of stable carbon isotopes to trace organic matter sources of intertidal nematodes in the Schelde estuary (SW Netherlands). Stable carbon isotope sig- natures ofExpand
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