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Individualism and Collectivism: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Self-Ingroup Relationships
The individualism and collectivism constructs are theoretically analyzed and linked to certain hypothesized consequences (social behaviors, health indices). Study 1 explores the meaning of theseExpand
Allocentric versus idiocentric tendencies: Convergent and discriminant validation
Abstract Allocentric tendencies were studied with a multimethod questionnaire and Illinois undergraduates. Nine scales measuring different aspects of allocentrism were shown to have good reliabilityExpand
Acculturation Indices as a Means of Confirming Cultural Differences. Navy Recruit's Expectations of Productivity, Liking, and Intentions to Quit under Different Supervisors.
Abstract : When subjects from culture A are becoming acculturated to culture B they may move toward culture B (accommodation), not only move toward B but even go beyond B's position (overshooting),Expand
Individualism-Collectivism and Pyschological Needs
Two studies were conducted to examine the relationship between the dimension of individualism versus collectivism and psychological needs. In the first study Chinese subjects in Hong Kong completedExpand
Visual orienting and alerting in rhesus monkeys: comparison with humans
The behavioral capacities of the rhesus monkey for several sensory and cognitive tasks appear quite similar to those of humans. To evaluate the monkey's attentional capacities, we have comparedExpand
Some Aspects of the Subjective Culture of Hispanic High School Students.
Abstract : Samples of Hispanic and Mainstream male and female high school students answered an instrument that considered items that had previously distinguished Hispanic and Mainstream NavyExpand
Convergent and Discriminant Validation of Measures of Collectivism.
Abstract : Collectivism was studied with a multimethod questionnaire and Illinois undergraduates. Nine different scales measured aspects of colllectivism with good reliability. These scales wereExpand