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Fragmentation effects on forest birds : Relative influence of woodland cover and configuration on landscape occupancy
: Habitat fragmentation has been shown to influence the abundance, movements, and persistence of many species. We asked the following questions: (1) Do species respond mainly to habitat loss or toExpand
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Selecting Indicator Species to Monitor Ecological Integrity: A Review
We review critical issues that must be considered when selectingindicator species for a monitoring program that aims to maintainor restore ecological integrity. Expand
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Patch characteristics and landscape context as predictors of species presence and abundance: A review1
AbstractAn increasing proportion of ecological studies examine landscape effects on the phenomena they address. We reviewed studies which simultaneously considered landscape-scale and patch-scale e...
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Thresholds in Forest Bird Response to Habitat Alteration as Quantitative Targets for Conservation
The notion that species might exhibit thresholds in their response to habitat alteration is appeal- ing from a conservation perspective. Such thresholds could be used as targets for conservation inExpand
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Use of Riparian Buffer Strips as Movement Corridors by Forest Birds
We conducted a 3-year field experiment to measure the frequency of bird movements through riparian buffer strips before and after harvesting of adjacent forest. Our study was conducted in the borealExpand
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Abstract Community-level indices of reproductive success are useful for measuring or monitoring demographic effects of habitat alteration on birds. We present a time-efficient method to estimate theExpand
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Dynamics in subdivided populations of neotropical migratory birds in a fragmented temperate forest
To study the hierarchy of variables involved in the year-to-year dynamics in the distribution of Neotropical migratory birds, we compared observed numbers of local extinctions and recolonizations toExpand
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Effects of Selection Cutting and Landscape‐Scale Harvesting on the Reproductive Success of Two Neotropical Migrant Bird Species
: We measured the effects of forest harvesting at two spatial scales on the productivity of two Neotropical migrant bird species, the Black-throated Blue Warbler (  Dendroica caerulescens) and theExpand
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Short-Term Demographic Response of an Old Forest Specialist to Experimental Selection Harvesting
Abstract: The brown creeper (Certhia americana) was recently identified as one of the forest bird species most sensitive to partial harvesting in North America. However, the processes underlying thisExpand
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Effects of selection cutting on the abundance and fertility of indicator lichens Lobaria pulmonaria and Lobaria quercizans
Summary 1. Although selection cutting is probably less harmful to forest ecosystems than clear cutting, its effects on biodiversity remain largely unexplored. We investigated the previously unstudiedExpand
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