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The power conversion efficiency of visible light emitting devices in standard BiCMOS processes
We present experimental and theoretical proof for a single and unique relationship between the breakdown voltage and power efficiency of visible light emitting devices fabricated in standard BiCMOS
Breakdown enhancement in silicon nanowire p-n junctions.
This work demonstrates highly reproducible silicon nanowire diodes fabricated with a fully VLSI compatible etching technology, and suggests that this technology is suitable for incorporating nanowires-based functionalities into future integrated circuits.
Metal emitter SiGe:C HBTs
SiGe:C heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) offer high cut-off frequencies, f/sub T/, but low open base breakdown voltages, BV/sub CEO/, due to the relatively high current gain, h/sub FE/. In
Raman investigations of diamond films prepared by combustion flames
A detailed Raman analysis has been carried out to establish the mixed nature of carbon bonding in diamond films, deposited at atmospheric pressures in combustion flames. By monitoring the $sp^3$
Resonant mechanisms of inelastic light scattering by low-dimensional electron gases.
The contribution of elementary excitations in low-dimensional electron gases to resonant inelastic light scattering is found to be determined by interband transitions involving states at specific
Gold Catalyzed Plasma Assisted Growth of Germanium Nanoneedles
A systematic study of Gold catalyzed growth of Ge nanoneedles by PECVD at low temperatures (<400 degrees C) is presented. Morphology, growth rate and aspect ratio of the needles are studied as a
SiGe:C HBT technology for advanced BiCMOSprocesses.
In this paper we discuss the present status of SiGe:C heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs), together with some Figures-of-Merit (FOMs) and their relation to technology. We also discuss new
Ultra-sensitive photoresponse and persistent photoconductivity in modulation doped Ge/SiGe and Si/SiGe heterostructures
We have studied the effect of incident light on Ge/SiGe and Si/SiGe modulation doped heterostructures with both inverted and normal types of doping. We report for the first time an extremely
Stress Engineering using Si3N4 for stiction free release of SOI beams
We report on the effect of thin silicon nitride (Si3N4) induced tensile stress on the structural release of 200nm thick SOI beam, in the surface micro-machining process. A thin (20nm / 100nm) LPCVD
National Nanofabrication Centre at IISc Bangalore: A Chronicle of Design, Construction and Management of Cleanroom in Indian Context
We present the evolution of the state-of-the-art multiuser, open access, Nanofab facility at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. The process behind the design and execution of the cleanroom