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Lyman-alpha constraints on warm and on warm-plus-cold dark matter models
We revisit Lyman-alpha bounds on the dark matter mass in Lambda Warm Dark Matter (Lambda-WDM) models, and derive new bounds in the case of mixed Cold plus Warm models (Lambda-CWDM), using a set upExpand
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Inferring the dark matter power spectrum from the Lyman α forest in high-resolution QSO absorption spectra
We use the LUQAS sample, a set of 27 high-resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio quasi-stellar object (QSO) absorption spectra at a median redshift of z = 2.25, and the data from Croft et al. at aExpand
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Spatial fluctuations in the spectral shape of the ultraviolet background at 2 > z > 3 and the reionization of helium
The low-density hydrogen and helium in the intergalactic medium (IGM) probed by quasi- stellar object (QSO) absorption lines is sensitive to the amplitude and spectral shape of the metagalacticExpand
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Possible evidence for an inverted temperature–density relation in the intergalactic medium from the flux distribution of the Lyα forest
We compare the improved measurement of the Lya forest flux probability distribution at 1.7 < z < 3.2 presented by Kim et al. to a large set of hydrodynamical simulations of the Lya forest withExpand
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Realistic sterile neutrino dark matter with keV mass does not contradict cosmological bounds.
Previous fits of sterile neutrino dark matter (DM) models to cosmological data ruled out masses smaller than approximately 8 keV, assuming a production mechanism that is not the best motivated from aExpand
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A consistent determination of the temperature of the intergalactic medium at redshift 〈z〉 = 2.4
We present new measurements of the thermal state of the intergalactic medium (IGM) at z∼2.4 derived from absorption line profiles in the Lyα forest. We use a large set of high-resolutionExpand
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Strong Mg II Systems in Quasar and Gamma-Ray Burst Spectra
The incidence of strong Mg II systems in gamma-ray burst (GRB) spectra is a few times higher than in quasar (QSO) spectra. We investigate several possible explanations for this effect, including dustExpand
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Damped Lyman α systems in high‐resolution hydrodynamical simulations
We investigate the properties of damped Lyman α systems (DLAs) using high-resolution and large box-size cosmological hydrodynamical simulations of a A cold dark matter model. The numerical code usedExpand
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The Sherwood simulation suite: overview and data comparisons with the Lyman α forest at redshifts 2 ≤ z ≤ 5
We introduce a new set of large-scale, high-resolution hydrodynamical simulations of the intergalactic medium: the Sherwood simulation suite. These are performed in volumes of 103–1603h−3 comovingExpand
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Can sterile neutrinos be ruled out as warm dark matter candidates?
We present constraints on the mass of warm dark matter (WDM) particles from a combined analysis of the matter power spectrum inferred from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Lyman-alpha flux power spectrumExpand
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