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Grasslands of the Aishihik-Sekulmun Lakes Area, Yukon Territory, Canada
Grassland communities found on dry, steep, south-facing slopes in the Aishihik-Sekulmun Lakes area, southwest Yukon Territory, are dominated by Artemisia frigida and Carex filifolia , withExpand
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Simulating water temperatures and stratification of a pre‐alpine lake with a hydrodynamic model: calibration and sensitivity analysis of climatic input parameters
We report on the calibration of the one-dimensional hydrodynamic lake model Dynamic Reservoir Simulation Model to simulate the water temperature conditions of the pre-alpine Lake Ammersee (southeastExpand
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Using the hydrodynamic model DYRESM based on results of a regional climate model to estimate water temperature changes at Lake Ammersee
Abstract In order to enhance our research work on the impact of climate change on bodies of water, it is necessary to establish coupled hydrodynamic and ecosystem models that take into accountExpand
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Virtual Reality (VR) and Open Source Software: A Workflow for Constructing an Interactive Cartographic VR Environment to Explore Urban Landscapes
In recent years, hardware and software innovations in the computer and video game industries have established affordable Virtual Reality (VR) systems as mass media products. Expand
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Using the General Lake Model (GLM) to simulate water temperatures and ice cover of a medium-sized lake: a case study of Lake Ammersee, Germany
Thermal dynamics of lakes has a key role in chemical and biological processes in lakes including nutrient distributions and phytoplankton growth. Applications of hydrodynamic models to lakes canExpand
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Future alterations of thermal characteristics in a medium-sized lake simulated by coupling a regional climate model with a lake model
Regional climate models (RCM) provide site-specific meteorological data at a suitable spatial resolution for the estimation of future climate-driven changes in aquatic ecosystems. In this study, weExpand
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Low-Cost Real-Time 3D Reconstruction of Large-Scale Excavation Sites
We present a novel interactive, low-cost approach to 3D reconstruction and compare it to a standard photogrammetry pipeline based on high-resolution photographs. Expand
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Past and current trophic development in Lake Ammersee – Alterations in a normal range or possible signals of climate change?
In the past decades, nutrient concentrations in several pre-Alpine lakes in central Europe have increased due to human activity in the catchment area. Here, we examine whether this trend willExpand
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The Simplicity of Modern Audiovisual Web Cartography: An Example with the Open-Source JavaScript Library leaflet.js
This paper intends to give a workflow focused on how to create individual audiovisual web mapping applications based on the contemporary options offered by leaflet.js. Expand
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Lake heat content and stability variation due to climate change: coupled regional climate model (REMO)-lake model (DYRESM) analysis
Climate change-derived higher air temperatures and the resulting increase in lake surface temperatures are known to influence the physical, biological and chemical processes of water bodies. By usingExpand
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