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Measuring photosynthetic rates in seagrasses by pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) fluorometry
PAM fluorometry can efficiently yield photosynthetic rates for seagrasses in the laboratory, without the typical lag experienced by O2 electrodes, and under natural conditions which are not disturbed by enclosures. Expand
Water repellency and pore clogging at early successional stages of microbiotic crusts on inland dunes, Brandenburg, NE Germany
Abstract Biological soil crusts play a key role for hydrological processes in many open landscapes. They seal the topsoil and generate surface run-off. Utilization of the mineral substrate at earlyExpand
Succession of N cycling processes in biological soil crusts on a Central European inland dune.
BSC development was associated with increasing amounts of chlorophyll, organic carbon and N, and potential activities increased and were highest in developed BSCs, and the abundance of functional genes increased. Expand
The Role of Biological Soil Crusts on Desert Sand Dunes in the Northwestern Negev, Israel
Biological soil crusts are important microphytic communities and significantly influence both structure and processes within the ecosystem. They are built up from cyanobacteria, green algae, fungi,Expand
Differential hydrological response of biological topsoil crusts along a rainfall gradient in a sandy
Abstract Drylands are regarded as highly sensitive to climatic change. The putative positive relationship between average annual rainfall and runoff, assumed for areas between 100 and 300 mm ignoresExpand
A natural 15N approach to determine the biological fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by biological soil crusts of the Negev Desert.
The results presented are the first to have been obtained from in situ field measurements, albeit only one location of the Negev with a small number of samples was investigated. Expand
Sustainable land use in deserts
Deserts, Land Use and Desertification.- River Diversion, Irrigation, Salinization, Desertification - an Inevitable Succession.- I: The Aral Sea Crisis.- The Aral Sea Crisis Region.- Flora of the DryExpand
Microclimatic boundary conditions for activity of soil lichen crusts in sand dunes of the north-western Negev desert, Israel
Summary Photosynthetic activity of soil crust lichens was thoroughly investigated. Its interrelations with microclimatic boundary conditions was measured during two field experiments in the centralExpand
Biological soil crusts decrease soil temperature in summer and increase soil temperature in winter in semiarid environment
Abstract In hot and wet conditions in summer, the biological soil crusts (BSCs) decreased soil temperature by up to 11.8 °C, 7.5 °C, 5.4 °C, and 3.2 °C at surface, 5 cm, 15 cm, and 30 cm,Expand