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Axiom Pinpointing in Lightweight Description Logics via Horn-SAT Encoding and Conflict Analysis
The idea is to encode the classification of an ontology into a Horn propositional formula, and to exploit the power of Boolean Constraint Propagation and Conflict Analysis from modern SAT solvers to compute concept subsumptions and to perform axiom pinpointing. Expand
Efficient audio segmentation algorithms based on the BIC
Three different implementations of the Bayesian information criterion based on the BIC, applied within a sliding variable-size analysis window, are analyzed in detail and the proposed original approach is shown to be the most efficient. Expand
Automated Reasoning in Modal and Description Logics via SAT Encoding: the Case Study of K(m)/ALC-Satisfiability
This paper starts exploring the idea of performing automated reasoning tasks in modal and description logics by encoding them into SAT, so that to be handled by state-of-the-art SAT tools; as with most previous approaches, this investigation from the satisfiability in Km. Expand
Evaluation of BIC-based algorithms for audio segmentation
A dynamic programming algorithm is presented that, within the BIC model, finds a globally optimal segmentation of the input audio stream. Expand
DAFNE status report
DAFNE, the Frascati {Phi}-factory, is providing an increasing peak and integrated luminosity for the KLOE experiment and an increase of the single bunch luminosity has been achieved essentially by the reduction of the effects of machine non-linearities. Expand
Building an Eco-System of Trusted Services via User Control and Transparency on Personal Data
A framework, based on a personal data store, is developed, enabling the development of an eco-system of trusted application, which allow users to full transparency and control on the exploitation of their data. Expand
Exploiting SAT and SMT Techniques for Automated Reasoning and Ontology Manipulation in Description Logics
This thesis dissertation explores the idea of exploiting the power and efficiency of state-of-the-art SAT-based techniques for automated reasoning and ontology manipulation in Description Logics, proposing a convenient alternative to the traditional tableau based algorithms. Expand
My Data, Your Data, Our Data: Managing Privacy Preferences in Multiple Subjects Personal Data
The relevance of MSPD is discussed, providing a technical approach to regulate their trusted management in a user-centric model context, and is an undeniable requirement to ensure privacy to all MSPd right-holders. Expand
The SPARC project: a High brightness electron beam source at LNF to drive a SASE-FEL experiment
Abstract The Project Sorgente Pulsata e Amplificata di Radiazione Coerente (SPARC), proposed by a collaboration among ENEA–INFN–CNR–Universita’ di Tor Vergata–INFM–ST, was recently approved by theExpand
Automated Reasoning in ALCQ\mathcal{ALCQ} via SMT
A novel approach to encoding an ALCQ ontology into a formula in Satisfiability Modulo the Theory of Costs (SMT(C), which is a specific and computationally much cheaper subcase of Linear Arithmetic under the Integers, and to exploit the power of modern SMT solvers to compute every conceptsatisfiability query on a given ontology. Expand