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Ethnic group identification and group evaluation among minority and majority groups: testing the multiculturalism hypothesis.
  • M. Verkuyten
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 2005
Following social identity theory, the author hypothesized that members of minority groups are more likely than majority group members to endorse multiculturalism more strongly and assimilationistExpand
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The social psychology of ethnic identity
Social Psychologies. Social Identity. Ethnicity. Ethnic Minority Identity: Place, Space and Time. Ethnic Group Essentialism. Hyphenated Identities and Hybridity. Self-descriptions and the EthnicExpand
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Prejudice towards Muslims in The Netherlands: testing integrated threat theory.
This study uses integrated threat theory to examine Dutch adolescents' (N=1,187) prejudice towards Muslim minorities. One out of two participants was found to have negative feelings towards Muslims.Expand
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Racist victimization among children in The Netherlands: the effect of ethnic group and school
Using data from a nation-wide study, this article examines the extent of racist victimization among Dutch, Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamese children (10-13 years) in The Netherlands. The responsesExpand
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National (Dis)identification and Ethnic and Religious Identity: A Study Among Turkish-Dutch Muslims
National (dis)identification is examined in three studies among Turkish-Dutch Muslim participants. In explaining national (dis)identification, the first study focuses on ethnic identity, the secondExpand
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Discourses about ethnic group (de-)essentialism: oppressive and progressive aspects.
  • M. Verkuyten
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The British journal of social psychology
  • 1 September 2003
Social psychologists studying intergroup perceptions have shown an increasing interest in essentialist thinking. Essentialist beliefs about social groups are examined as cognitive processes and theseExpand
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Support for Multiculturalism and Minority Rights: The Role of National Identification and Out-group Threat
Support for multiculturalism and minority rights is examined in three studies among ethnic Dutch participants. Three models are tested for how national identification is related to perceivedExpand
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School Satisfaction of Elementary School Children: The Role of Performance, Peer Relations, Ethnicity and Gender
The present study examines school satisfactionamong 1,090 Dutch and ethnic minority childrenaged between ten and twelve in relation totheir school context. Data were gathered in 51classes from 26Expand
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Perceived discrimination and self-esteem among ethnic minority adolescents.
  • M. Verkuyten
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of social psychology
  • 1 August 1998
In a sample of ethnic minority adolescents in The Netherlands, the relationship between perceived discrimination and self-esteem was investigated. First, the participants perceived a higher level ofExpand
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National identification and intergroup evaluations in Dutch children
This study conducted among Dutch children age 10–12, focuses on friendships with Dutch and other nationality contemporaries. The study was designed to test among older children several hypothesesExpand
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