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How reliable are the risk estimates for X-ray examinations in forensic age estimations? A safety update
Possible biological side effects of exposure to X-rays are stochastic effects such as carcinogenesis and genetic alterations. In recent years, a number of new studies have been published about theExpand
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Digital forensic osteology: morphological sexing of skeletal remains using volume-rendered cranial CT scans.
Because of the increasing lack of recent bone collections, ethical issues concerning maceration procedures, and progress in radiological imaging techniques, computed tomography (CT) scans offer anExpand
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Accuracy of metric sex analysis of skeletal remains using Fordisc® based on a recent skull collection
It has been generally accepted in skeletal sex determination that the use of metric methods is limited due to the population dependence of the multivariate algorithms. The aim of the study was toExpand
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Postmortem interval of skeletal remains through the detection of intraosseal hemin traces. A comparison of UV-fluorescence, luminol, Hexagon-OBTI®, and Combur® tests.
With the goal of obtaining additional practically applicable methods for estimating the PMI of skeletal remains, 39 samples of human and 5 samples of domestic animal long bones with known PMI (PMI=1Expand
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Forensic medicine : fundamentals and perspectives
Introduction.- Forensic Thanatology.- Post mortem examination.- Forensic autopsy.- Forensic traumatology.- Vital reactions.- Blunt trauma.- Sharp force.- Gunshot wounds.- Violence against the neck.-Expand
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Atypical gunshot entrance wound and extensive backspatter
This case report describes a suicidal gunshot to the head using a solid hollow-point bullet (Quick Defense). There was an irregular skin defect measuring 16×6 cm on the right side of the head and aExpand
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Widespread pulmonary granulomatosis following long time intravenous drug abuse--a case report.
Foreign body granulomas in the lungs following acute singular or long time intravenous drug abuse are frequent findings during microscopic investigation of the lungs. Most cases present singleExpand
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Quantitative pteridine fluorescence analysis: A possible age-grading technique for the adult stages of the blow fly Calliphora vicina (Diptera: Calliphoridae).
Age estimation of adult flies could extend the possible window of time for calculating the minimal postmortem interval (PMImin) by means of entomological methods. Currently, this is done byExpand
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Digital forensic osteology--possibilities in cooperation with the Virtopsy project.
The present study was carried out to check whether classic osteometric parameters can be determined from the 3D reconstructions of MSCT (multislice computed tomography) scans acquired in the contextExpand
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Evaluation of the ossification of the medial clavicular epiphysis with a digital ultrasonic system to determine the age threshold of 21 years
In this study, both medial clavicular epiphyses of 77 men were evaluated by two researchers with a digital ultrasound system. The degree of ossification was classified in four stages according toExpand
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