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Engineering biocompatible surfaces from the nano to the micro scale
One of the important challenges in surface bioengineering is the fabrication of robust and regular supramolecular structures, tuning the chemical and topographical properties of the surface, in orderExpand
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New Intrinsic Cholesteric Lyomesophases from Potassium l-N-LauroyIserinate. I. Type I Systems: Textural and Magnetic Characterization
Abstract Type I intrinsic cholesteric lyotropic mesophases were prepared from potassium l-N-lauroyl-serinate. This chiral amphphde was synthesized by the acylation of l-serine amino-group withExpand
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Optimization of Bio-Printing Process Using Design of Experiments (DOE) and Taguchi Method
At this time new fabrication techniques are required for engineering complex biological structures related to regenerative medicine, in vitro tissue analysis, and pharmaceutical testing with theExpand
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New Intrinsic Cholesteric Lyomesophases From Potassium l-N-Lauroylserinate. II. Type II Systems: Unusual Textural and Deuteron NMR Behavior
Abstract New type II intrinsic cholesteric lyomesophases based on potassium l-N-lauroyl-serinate and on unbalanced d, l mixtures were prepared. Cholesteric properties were characterized by deuteronExpand
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Short Communication: In Vivo Trypanocidal Activity of Artemether
The objective of this study was to test the antimalarial drug, artemether, for possible in vivo trypanocidal activity using laboratory animal models. Three dosages of artemether calculated on theExpand
Pesticide exposure on sloths ( and ) in an agricultural landscape of Northeastern Costa Rica Bradypus variegatus Choloepus
Between 2005 and 2008, wild and inhabiting an agricultural landscape and captive animals from a rescue center in Northeastern Costa Rica were studied to assess exposure to pesticides. A total of 54Expand