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Attenuation of ultraviolet radiation in mountain lakes: Factors controlling the among‐ and within‐lake variability
High-altitude lakes are exposed to high fluence rates of solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR; 290‐400 nm) and contain low concentrations of dissolved organic carbon (DOC). While in most lowland lakes,Expand
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Tracing Carbon Sources through Aquatic and Terrestrial Food Webs Using Amino Acid Stable Isotope Fingerprinting
Tracing the origin of nutrients is a fundamental goal of food web research but methodological issues associated with current research techniques such as using stable isotope ratios of bulk tissue canExpand
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Linking biochemical and elemental composition in freshwater and marine crustacean zooplankton
The major groups of biochemical compounds (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, chitin, nucleic acids and nucleotides) have a distinct functional role and, therefore, incorporation of bio- chemicalExpand
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Regionalisation of remote European mountain lake ecosystems according to their biota: environmental versus geographical patterns.
P> A survey of c. 350 remote high altitude and high latitude lakes from 11 different mountain regions was undertaken to explore species distribution across Europe at a scale not previouslyExpand
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Lake Redó ecosystem response to an increasing warming the Pyrenees during the twentieth century
The ecosystem response of Lake Redó (Central Pyrenees) to fluctuations in seasonal air temperature during the last two centuries was investigated by comparison of reconstructed air temperatures withExpand
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Ecological thresholds in European alpine lakes
SUMMARY 1. Species assemblages of diatoms, rotifers, chydorids, planktonic crustaceans and chironomids were studied in 235 alpine lakes in the Alps, Pyrenees, Tatras (Western Carpathians), RetezatExpand
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High mountain lakes : extreme habitats and witnesses of environmental changes
Los lagos de montana ofrecen oportunidades de estudio que van mucho mas alla de lo que su disposicion en el territorio y abundancia pudieran sugerir. En este articulo presentamos un breve resumen deExpand
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Effects of fixation on freshwater invertebrate carbon and nitrogen isotope composition and its arithmetic correction
Retrospective investigations using carbon and nitrogen stable isotope composition of archived material have a great potential for describing past effects of anthropogenic ecosystem alterations orExpand
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Biochar reduces short-term nitrate leaching from a horizon in an apple orchard.
Nitrogen leaching in croplands is a worldwide problem with implications both on human health and on the environment. Efforts should be taken to increase nutrient use efficiency and minimize N lossesExpand
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Atmospherc deposition of organochlorine compounds to remote high mountain lakes of Europe.
Bulk deposition samples were taken near three mountain lakes located in the Pyrenees (Estany Redó), Alps (Gossenköllesee), and Caledonian Mountains (Ovre Neådalsvatn) for evaluation of theExpand
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