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A decision support system for rainfed agricultural areas of Mexico
In this paper a computer model (soil water balance model) is described to assess the impact on crops yields of rainfall shortages in dry lands in Mexico. Expand
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Land cover monitoring by fractal analysis of digital images
article i nfo Quantitative information about the land cover is a fundamental issue for any soil management practice. The use of high-resolution remote sensing for this purpose is still questionableExpand
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Intensive cropping systems based on mechanical movement of soil have induced land degradation in most agricultural areas due to soil erosion and soil fertility losses. Thus, farmers have beenExpand
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Rainfall-runoff relationships in a semiarid rangeland watershed in central Mexico, based on the CN-NRCS approach
In the southern region of the State of Zacatecas, México, soil characteristics and cover as well as inadequate management practices have caused the high runoff’s coefficients and soil losses. ThisExpand
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Mapping soil fractal dimension in agricultural fields with GPR
We documented that the mapping of the frac- tal dimension of the backscattered Ground Penetrating Radar traces (Fractal Dimension Mapping, FDM) accom- plished over heterogeneous agricultural fieldsExpand
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Implementation of a model to estimate water erosion with distributed parameters applied to watersheds
Soil loss due to erosion by water is a problem that causes significant economic losses; for this reason, the aim of this study was to quantify soil loss in the Agustin Melgar watershed in HydrologicExpand
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Análisis temporal de sequías (1922-2016) en la cuenca alta del río Nazas usando el SPI y su relación con ENSO
El Indice Estandarizado de Precipitacion (SPI) permite medir la severidad de la sequia durante un periodo de tiempo determinado. El objetivo general de este trabajo fue generar series del SPI para laExpand
Management Practices and Bioproductivity in Grassland of Dry Areas
In Mexico, the grassland represents 40.1% of the total area of the country and it is a source of feed for livestock, although suffers different degrees of degradation due to lack of management andExpand
Minimum hydrologic characterization for research in experimental watersheds with limited availability of information in arid lands
This study departs from the need of knowing the differences between representative and experimental watersheds since from here research protocols are designe...
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