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Refining the theory of basic individual values.
A refined theory of basic individual values intended to provide greater heuristic and explanatory power than the original theory of 10 values is proposed and analyses of predictive validity demonstrate that the refined values theory provides greater and more precise insight into the value underpinnings of beliefs.
Longitudinal Analysis of the Role of Perceived Self-Efficacy for Self-Regulated Learning in Academic Continuance and Achievement.
The present study examined the developmental course of perceived efficacy for self-regulated learning and its contribution to academic achievement and likelihood of remaining in school in a sample of
Personality and Politics: Values, Traits, and Political Choice
Voters' political choices have presumably come to depend more on their personal preferences and less on their social characteristics in Western democracies. We examine two aspects of personality that
Basic Personal Values, Core Political Values, and Voting: A Longitudinal Analysis
We theorize that political values express basic personal values in the domain of politics. We test a set of hypotheses that specify how the motivational structure of basic values con strains and
The contribution of personality traits and self-efficacy beliefs to academic achievement: a longitudinal study.
Findings have broad implications for interventions aimed to enhance children's academic pursuits, as personality traits and self-efficacy beliefs partially mediated the contribution of traits to later academic achievement.
Perceived political self-efficacy: Theory, assessment, and applications
Political efficacy is addressed within the framework of social cognitive theory and a new measure to assess perceived political self-efficacy is presented. Three studies document the validity of the
Basic Personal Values Underlie and Give Coherence to Political Values: A Cross National Study in 15 Countries
Do the political values of the general public form a coherent system? What might be the source of coherence? We view political values as expressions, in the political domain, of more basic personal
Predicting Job Satisfaction and Job Performance in a Privatized Organization
ABSTRACT The current study focused on job satisfaction and job performance, as well as on their predictors in a privatized organization. We tested a model in which job satisfaction, consistent with