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Optimization by Simmulated Annealing
The LAMBDANET Multiwavelength Network: Architecture, Applications, and Demonstrations
A summary is presented of research conducted over the last few years concerning the LAMBDANET multiwavelength optical network, which features full connectivity among the nodes, large nonblocking throughput, data format transparency, and flexible control. Expand
Global Wiring by Simulated Annealing
Simulated annealing, a new general-purpose method of multivariate optimization, is applied to global wire routing for both idealized (synthetic) and actual designs of realistic size and complexity.Expand
The Touring Machine system
Fast Wavelength-Switching of Laser Transmitters and Amplifiers
The authors discuss system aspects and describe experimental demonstrations of nanosecond wavelength tuning in laser diode structures by exploiting the dependence of the refractive index on the carrier density in semiconductors. Expand
HYPASS: an optoelectronic hybrid packet switching system
An architecture is presented for an optoelectronic hybrid packet switching system (HYPASS) for the distribution of multiple-bit-rate broadband services and results of a performance analysis of the arbitration and control protocol are presented. Expand
Using distributed topology update and preplanned configurations to achieve trunk network survivability
The authors present a new approach for trunk network survivability. This modular approach is intended for a telephone trunk network consisting of high-bandwidth fiber-optic links connected throughExpand
Multiwavelength optical crossconnect for parallel-processing computers
A multiwavelength optical interconnection architecture for parallel-processing computers is presented. This fully connected, internally nonblocking network, using tunable lasers, requires only twoExpand
Optimization by simulated annealing
There is a deep and useful connection between statistical mechanics (the behavior of systems with many degrees of freedom in thermal equilibrium at a finite temperature) and multivariate orExpand
Touring Machine: A Software Platform for Distributed Multimedia Applications
The Touring Machine, its system model and its software architecture are described, which supports multimedia conferencing and information services as well as point-to-point communications. Expand