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The strong influence of collection bias on biodiversity knowledge shortfalls of Brazilian terrestrial biodiversity
Aim The knowledge of biodiversity facets such as species composition, distribution and ecological niche is fundamental for the construction of biogeographic hypotheses and conservation strategies.Expand
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Range extensions and conservation of some threatened or little known Brazilian grassland birds.
Populations of grassland birds are declining in Brazil due to profound alterations to grassland habitats. In this paper, we present recent records and range extensions for 12 threatened or littleExpand
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O que são campos rupestres e campos de altitude nos topos de montanha do leste do Brasil
(What are the campos rupestres and the campos de altitude in the eastern Brazilian mountaintops?). The campos rupestres and the campos de altitude from eastern Brazil occur in the mountaintops of theExpand
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Mountaintop endemism in eastern Brazil: why some bird species from campos rupestres of the Espinhaço Range are not endemic to the Cerrado region?
Mountaintop endemism in eastern Brazil: why some bird species from campos rupestres of the Espinhaco Range are not endemic to the Cerrado region?
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Bird mortality due to collisions in glass panes on an Important Bird Area of southeastern Brazil
Human-caused alterations to the environment are important causes of the loss of bird biodiversity globally. Collisions with windows are the second leading human cause of mortality for birds, and itExpand
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Biogeographic patterns, origin and speciation of the endemic birds from eastern Brazilian mountaintops: a review
We review the main biogeographic and phylogenetic hypotheses about the origin and distribution of the endemic birds from Brazilian mountaintops, a heterogeneous group composed of hummingbirds andExpand
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Bird species distribution and conservation in Serra do Cipó, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Summary We studied the distribution of birds along an altitudinaI gradient ranging frorn 800 rn to 1400 rn on two sIopes of the Serra do Cipo, Minas Gerais, southeastern BraziI. OrnithologicaIExpand
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Avifaunal inventory of the Amazonian savannas and adjacent habitats of the Monte Alegre region (Pará, Brazil), with comments on biogeography and conservation
Knowledge of the avifaunal composition of Amazonian savannas is important in facilitating a greater understanding of the patterns of evolution of the regional biota. Despite this, this vegetationExpand
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Aves da Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso, Brasil: uma síntese histórica do conhecimento
E apresentada uma revisao historica dos inventarios ornitologicos conduzidos na Chapada dos Guimaraes, centro-oeste do Brasil. A avifauna da regiao e caracterizada a partir de uma revisao critica deExpand
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Important ornithological records from Minas Gerais state, Brazil
Minas Gerais state, in south-east Brazil, harbours a rich avifauna of almost 800 species (Mattos et al. 1993). Such high species richness is a result of the region’s complex vegetation, as the stateExpand
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