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The role of CRP, PCT, IL-6 and presepsin in early diagnosis of bacterial infectious complications in paediatric haemato-oncological patients.
Serum biomarkers proved their quality to predict positive blood culture and clinical signs of sepsis as well, and comparably balanced sensitivity and specificity for interleukin-6 and procalcitonin were identified.
Efficiency of Sanitary Treatment in Poultry Breeding and Poultry Meat Processing Plant
The disinfectants tested appeared suitable for the respective premises and the ATP bioluminescence method could be use as a as a suitable complement for detection of cleanliness of individual surfaces.
Bacteriological and parasitological risks associated with agricultural wastewaters and sewage subjected to biological treatment.
The bacteriological and parasitological risk associated with the products of aerobic treatment of pig slurry and municipal sewage and the quality of effluent and on sludge/pig slurry solids from two wastewater treatment plants was investigated.
Noise in the animal housing environment.
Although the measurements failed to identify high exposure of pigs to noise, this issue should be monitored further to avoid unnecessary stress in this very sensitive species of animals.
Enteral lactoferrin supplementation for very preterm infants: a randomised placebo-controlled trial
  • James Paula Monika Ursula Edmund Andrew Louise David Chr Griffiths Jenkins Vargova Bowler Juszczak King Lin, James Griffiths, C. Manjunatha
  • Medicine
    The Lancet
  • 2 February 2019