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Gastric activity studies using a magnetic tracer.
A magnetic pulse generator has been set up in order to study gastric activity. Two coils 1.05 m in diameter, arranged in a Helmholtz configuration, were used. The system generated magnetic fieldExpand
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Splitting Echinocactus: morphological and molecular evidence support the recognition of Homalocephala as a distinct genus in the Cacteae
Abstract Molecular phylogenetic studies of the six currently accepted species in the genus Echinocactus have partially clarified certain aspects of its phylogeny. Most of the studies lack a completeExpand
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In vivo measurement of human skin absorption of topically applied substances by a photoacoustic technique.
A photoacoustic technique is used for studying topically applied substance absorption in human skin. The proposed method utilizes a double-chamber PA cell. The absorption determination was obtainedExpand
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Oxygen evolution from tomato (C3) plants with and without mycorrhiza: Open photoacoustic cell measurement and statistical analysis
Mycorrhiza, a common association between root plants and mycorrhizic fungus provides some benefits to the plant, improving its nutrient uptake and increasing the drought resistance as well as theExpand
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Photorespiration and temperature dependence of oxygen evolution in tomato plants monitored by open photoacoustic cell technique
The open photoacoustic cell was used to monitor the evolution rate of oxygen from tomato leaves. Estimates of the relative amount of released oxygen in vivo and in situ conditions as influenced byExpand
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First record of the sequestrate fungus Neosecotium macrosporum ( Agaricales , Lepiotaceae ) from Mexico
Neosecotium macrosporum, previously known only from two USA records, is reported for the first time in Mexico. Observations of macroand microscopic characters including for the holotype and theExpand
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Optical Properties of Human Skin around Biological Active Points
The physical parameter for the so-called Biologically Active Points most documented in the literature is the electrical impedance. These points seem to have higher electrical conductance than theirExpand