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Subnormothermic machine perfusion protects steatotic livers against preservation injury: A potential for donor pool increase?
We tested whether rat liver preservation performed by machine perfusion (MP) at 20°C can enhance the functional integrity of steatotic livers versus simple cold storage. We also compared MP at 20°CExpand
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Demonstration of nuclear compartmentalization of glutathione in hepatocytes.
The intracellular distribution of glutathione (GSH) in cultured hepatocytes has been investigated by using the compound monochlorobimane (BmCl), which interacts specifically with GSH to form a highlyExpand
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Calcium‐dependent DNA fragmentation in human synovial cells exposed to cold shock
Exposure of confluent human synovial McCoy's cells to near‐freezing temperatures followed by rewarming at 37°C resulted in endonuclease activation and cell death characteristic of a suicide processExpand
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Selective blockade of mGlu5 metabotropic glutamate receptors protects rat hepatocytes against hypoxic damage
Western blot analysis of protein extracts from rat liver revealed the presence of the mGlu5 receptor, one of the G‐protein–coupled receptors activated by glutamate (named “metabotropic glutamateExpand
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Evaluation of ADMA-DDAH-NOS axis in specific brain areas following nitroglycerin administration: study in an animal model of migraine
BackgroundNitric oxide (NO) is known to play a key role in migraine pathogenesis, but modulation of NO synthesis has failed so far to show efficacy in migraine treatment. Asymmetric dimethylarginineExpand
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Cytoskeleton as a target in menadione‐induced oxidative stress in cultured mammalian cells. I. Biochemical and immunocytochemical features
Cytoskeletal abnormalities occurring during oxidative stress generated by the metabolism of the redox cycling compound 2‐methyl‐1,4‐naphtoquinone (menadione) have been investigated in differentExpand
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Correlation between the liver temperature employed during machine perfusion and reperfusion damage: Role of Ca2+
This study compares the effects of machine perfusion (MP) at different temperatures with simple cold storage. In addition, the role of Ca2+ levels in the MP medium was evaluated. For MP, rat liversExpand
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Troubleshooting and improving the mouse and rat isolated perfused liver preparation.
INTRODUCTION Isolated perfused liver (IPL) model is not only widely performed in rats but is also used in mouse liver, although a detailed description of this procedure is absent. A comparison of theExpand
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Decreased apoptosis in fatty livers submitted to subnormothermic machine-perfusion respect to cold storage
Machine perfusion at subnormothermic temperature (20°C), MP20, was developed by Vairetti et al. and showed to afford a better preservation of fatty livers respect to traditional cold storage (CS) inExpand
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Different susceptibility of liver grafts from lean and obese Zucker rats to preservation injury.
We compared the susceptibility of liver grafts from lean and obese Zucker rats to preservation injury, using two organ-preservation techniques: conventional static preservation (SP) and machineExpand
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