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Tryptophan depletion impairs memory consolidation but improves focussed attention in healthy young volunteers
Animal and human studies have provided evidence for serotonergic modulation of cognitive processes. However, the exact nature of this relationship is not clear. We used the acute tryptophan depletionExpand
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Rey's verbal learning test: normative data for 1855 healthy participants aged 24-81 years and the influence of age, sex, education, and mode of presentation.
The Verbal Learning Test (VLT; Rey, 1958) evaluates the declarative memory. Despite its extensive use, it has been difficult to establish normative data because test administration has not beenExpand
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Dietary intake of fatty acids and fish in relation to cognitive performance at middle age
Objective: To examine the associations of fatty acid and fish intake with cognitive function. Methods: Data are from a cross-sectional population-based study among 1,613 subjects ranging from 45 toExpand
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A voxel-based morphometric study to determine individual differences in gray matter density associated with age and cognitive change over time.
Voxel-based morphometry (VBM) was used to examine the relation between age and gray matter density cross-sectionally and to study the association between gray matter density and longitudinal declineExpand
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The Letter Digit Substitution Test: Normative Data for 1,858 Healthy Participants Aged 24–81 from the Maastricht Aging Study (MAAS): Influence of Age, Education, and Sex
The Letter Digit Substitution Test (LDST) is based on earlier developed substitution tests (e.g., Digit Symbol Substitution Test; Wechsler, 1955, 1981) but uses over-learned signs instead of theExpand
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The Stroop Color-Word Test
The Stroop Color-Word Test was administered to 1,856 cognitively screened, healthy Dutchspeaking participants aged 24 to 81 years. The effects of age, gender, and education on Stroop test performanceExpand
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Normative data for the Animal, Profession and Letter M Naming verbal fluency tests for Dutch speaking participants and the effects of age, education, and sex.
Previous research has indicated that performance on verbal fluency tests (VFTs) is influenced by language and/or culture. Consequently, normative VFT data for English-speaking people cannot be usedExpand
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Cognitive Functioning in Healthy Older Adults Aged 64–81: A Cohort Study into the Effects of Age, Sex, and Education
ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to determine a possible differential effect of age, education, and sex on cognitive speed, verbal memory, executive functioning, and verbal fluency in healthyExpand
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The relation between morbidity and cognitive performance in a normal aging population.
BACKGROUND Factors related to physical health have been implicated in both normal and pathological aging of cognitive abilities. To substantiate this notion, we studied existing morbidity, asExpand
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Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption in relation to cognitive performance in middle age.
In the elderly, cigarette smoking has been related to reduced cognitive performance and moderate alcohol consumption to increased cognitive performance. It is not clear whether these associationsExpand
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