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The effect of temperature on the population dynamics of Aedes aegypti
Abstract The mosquito Aedes aegypti , the principal vector of dengue and yellow fever viruses, is an anthropophilic species adapted to urban environments, particularly to housing. A decisive factorExpand
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Site-occupancy modelling: A new approach to assess sensitivity of indicator species
Abstract One of the most challenging aspects of quality indices has been to compile reliable measures of the species’ sensitivity to various magnitudes and different kinds of ecosystem attributes.Expand
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Assessing the use of forest islands by parrot species in a neotropical savanna
Understanding the effect of habitat fragmentation is a fundamental yet complicated aim of many ecological studies. Beni savanna is a naturally fragmented forest habitat, where forest islands exhibitExpand
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Searching for an Elusive Anuran : A Detection Model Based on Weather Forecasting for the Tandilean Redbelly Toad
—The study of elusive anurans requires efficient approaches to monitoring. We describe climatic variables associated with the probability of detection of the Tandilean Red-belly ToadExpand
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Assessing the sensitivity of leeches as indicators of water quality.
The objective of this work was assessing the sensitivity of leeches to several water quality attributes in lowlands streams. We used occupancy modelling that account explicitly for detectability, toExpand
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Are breeding sites a limiting factor for the Tandilean redbelly toad ("Bufonidae") in pampean highland grasslands?
The selection of breeding sites in response to temporary pond characteristics has been frequently documented in several anuran species. Small and shallow temporary ponds are usually preferred. TheExpand
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Effect of Mycobacterium cell wall fraction on endometrial histomorphometry of mares resistant and susceptible to persistent breeding-induced endometritis.
Mycobacterium cell wall fraction (MCWF) is a biological component made up of molecules with immunostimulant properties, which is therapeutically used to modulate persistent breeding-inducedExpand
An individual-based model for estimating the energetic costs in Rhea americana was developed considering their sexual and seasonal differences in the behavioral activities. The model includes asExpand
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The rainbow trout is affecting the occupancy of native amphibians in Patagonia
In this work, we assessed the occupancy of two native amphibian species of the Valcheta stream in the Somuncura Plateau, northern Patagonia: the Valcheta frog, Pleurodema somuncurense and theExpand
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New insights on bioindicator value of Chironomids by using occupancy modelling
Abstract The use of bioindicators requires environmental information and a detailed knowledge of the biota to which it is assign a sensitivity value. The objective of this work was assessing theExpand