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Acetoclastic and hydrogenotrophic methane production and methanogenic populations in an acidic West-Siberian peat bog.
The results show that both hydrogenotrophic and acetoclastic methanogenesis are an integral part of the CH4-producing pathway in acidic peat and were represented by appropriate methanogenic populations. Expand
Isolation and characterization of new strains of methanogens from cold terrestrial habitats.
Five strains of methanogenic archaea were isolated from permanently and periodically cold terrestrial habitats and all of them have their growth optima in the range of moderate temperatures, so they can be regarded as psychrotolerant organisms. Expand
Organic removal and microbiological features of UASB-reactor under various organic loading rates
Abstract The performance of a laboratory upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor (UASB-reactor) fed synthetic wastewater was investigated under organic loading rates (OLRs) ranging from 3·4 to 44·9 gExpand
Acetobacterium tundrae sp. nov., a new psychrophilic acetogenic bacterium from tundra soil
A new psychrophilic, anaerobic, acetogenic bacterium from the tundra wetland soil of Polar Ural is described, which fermented H2/CO2, formate, methanol, and several sugars to acetate as the sole end-product. Expand
Halocella cellulolytica gen. nov., sp. nov., a New Obligately Anaerobic, Halophilic, Cellulolytic bacterium
A new halophilic cellulolytic bacterium isolated from hypersaline lagoons of Lake Sivash (Crimea) is described, an obligate anaerobe that differs from other anaerobes and halophiles described in the literature. Expand