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Disposal Options for Ships
The book describes a study identifying and evaluating disposal options for U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) and U.S. Navy ships. The options discussed, as listed in the table of contents, areExpand
High-resolution properties of the Equatorial Pacific marine atmospheric boundary layer from lidar and radiosonde observations
Abstract A “thermostat” mechanism for cooling the Equatorial pacific is being tested with data collected during the Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment. The Los Alamos National LaboratoryExpand
High resolution spectrometers for electron scattering
Abstract In this article we discuss high-precision, high-resolution magnetic spectrometry as applied to electron scattering at intermediate energies (⩽1 GeV). Beginning with a brief summary of someExpand
The Raytheon-SORDS trimodal imager
The Raytheon Trimodal Imager (TMI) uses coded aperture and Compton imaging technologies as well as the nonimaging shadow technology to locate an SNM or radiological threat in the presence ofExpand
Artificial Reefs: A Disposal Option for Navy and MARAD Ships
Abstract : Over the next 20 years, after accounting for unfunded forms of ship disposal such as donations, sales, or transfers to foreign governments and private interests, more than 350 Navy andExpand
Three Years After: Next Steps in the War on Terror
Abstract : Three years after 9/11, many studies by scores of institutions have been undertaken to find ways of dealing with the challenge of terrorism. With the approach of the third anniversary ofExpand
Pion-nucleus inelastic scattering at 80 MeV
80 MeV positive and negative pions inelastically scattered from targets of /sup 12/C and /sup 40/Ca have been studied at laboratory angles between 50/sup 0/ and 120/sup 0/. Angular distributions areExpand
Hybrid coded aperture and Compton imaging using an active mask
The trimodal imager (TMI) images gamma-ray sources from a mobile platform using both coded aperture (CA) and Compton imaging (CI) modalities. In this paper we will discuss development and performanceExpand
Channeling radiation from LiH and LiD
Abstract We have obtained channeling-radiation spectra for both electrons and positrons incident along the major planes of LiH and LiD crystals. Analysis of the data yields two significant results:Expand