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Optical-Thermal Response of Laser-Irradiated Tissue
Overview of Optical and Thermal Laser-Tissue Interaction and Nomenclature A.J. Welch, M.J.C. van Gemert. Tissue Optics: Overview of Tissue Optics A.J. Welch, et al. Onedimensional Transport TheoryExpand
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Model prediction of subendocardial perfusion of the coronary circulation in the presence of an epicardial coronary artery stenosis
The subendocardium is most vulnerable to ischemia, which is ameliorated by relaxation during diastole and increased coronary pressure. Expand
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3D finite compartment modeling of formation and healing of bruises may identify methods for age determination of bruises
We developed a numerical 3D model to simulate the spatial kinetics of hemoglobin and bilirubin during the formation and healing of bruises. Expand
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Two integrating spheres with an intervening scattering sample
Two integrating spheres placed so that the exit port of one and the entry port of the other are adjacent, with only a sample intervening, will permit the simultaneous determination of the reflectanceExpand
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Tissue optics for a slab geometry in the diffusion approximation
This paper solves the radiative transport equation in a slab using the diffusion approximation in one-dimension. The absorption and scattering coefficients as well as the first moment of the phaseExpand
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Effect of red and near-infrared laser light on adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the luciferine–luciferase reaction
Abstract Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is an important molecule in biology because it stores chemical energy and releases it to the biochemical processes occurring in the cell. In this study weExpand
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Overview of Optical and Thermal Laser-Tissue Interaction and Nomenclature
The development of a unified theory for the optical and thermal response of tissue to laser radiation is no longer in its infancy, though it is still not fully developed. This book describes ourExpand
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Infra-red tomography of port-wine-stain blood vessels in human skin
Specifying the distribution of laser energy within a tissue is the first step towards understanding and capitalizing on a variety of laser-tissue interactions. Whether photothermal, photochemical orExpand
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Modified Fiber Tips for Laser Angioplasty: Mechanisms of Action
Laser angioplasty with modified fiber tips has become a common procedure for the recanalization of totally occluded peripheral arteries. We evaluated the contribution of optical, thermal, andExpand
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