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Theonellasterols and conicasterols from Theonella swinhoei. Novel marine natural ligands for human nuclear receptors.
Silica gel column chromatography, followed by HPLC purification on the apolar fraction of the methanol extract of marine sponge Theonella swinhoei, resulted in the isolation of a library of 10Expand
Homophymine A, an anti-HIV cyclodepsipeptide from the sponge Homophymia sp.
A new anti-HIV cyclodepsipeptide, homophymine A, was isolated from a New Caledonian collection of the marine sponge Homophymia sp. The structure of homophymine A was determined by interpretation ofExpand
Homophymines B-E and A1-E1, a family of bioactive cyclodepsipeptides from the sponge Homophymia sp.
Nine new cyclodepsipeptides, homophymines B-E (2-5) and A1-E1 (1a-5a), were isolated from the polar extracts of the sponge Homophymia sp. The new structures, featuring new polyketide-derived endExpand
New sesquiterpene derivatives from the sponge Dysidea species with a selective inhibitor profile against human phospholipase A2 and other leukocyte functions.
Two new sesquiterpene cyclopentenones, dysidenones A and B (2, 3), and a new sesquiterpene aminoquinone, dysidine (4), all containing the same rearranged drimane skeleton, have been isolated from aExpand
Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of potent dual agonists of nuclear and membrane bile acid receptors.
Bile acids exert genomic and nongenomic effects by interacting with membrane G-protein-coupled receptors, including the bile acid receptor GP-BAR1, and nuclear receptors, such as the farnesoid XExpand
Discovery That Theonellasterol a Marine Sponge Sterol Is a Highly Selective FXR Antagonist That Protects against Liver Injury in Cholestasis
Background The farnesoid-x-receptor (FXR) is a bile acid sensor expressed in the liver and gastrointestinal tract. Despite FXR ligands are under investigation for treatment of cholestasis, aExpand
Conicasterol E, a small heterodimer partner sparing farnesoid X receptor modulator endowed with a pregnane X receptor agonistic activity, from the marine sponge Theonella swinhoei.
We report the isolation and pharmacological characterization of conicasterol E isolated from the marine sponge Theonella swinhoei. Pharmacological characterization of this steroid in comparison toExpand
Modulatory Effect of Bolinaquinone, a Marine Sesquiterpenoid, on Acute and Chronic Inflammatory Processes
The marine metabolite bolinaquinone is a novel inhibitor of secretory phospholipase A2 (sPLA2), with a potency on the human synovial enzyme (group II) higher than that of manoalide. This activity onExpand
Jereisterol A and B : Two 3β-methoxy-secosteroids from the pacific sponge Jereicopsis graphidiophora.
Abstract Two 3 β - methoxy secosteroids, named jereisterol A and B were isolated from the pacific sponge Jereicopsis graphidiophora Levi & Levi. Their structures, which combine rare 3 β-methoxy andExpand
Perthamides C-F, potent human antipsoriatic cyclopeptides
Abstract Two new cyclopeptides, perthamides E and F were isolated from the polar extracts of the sponge Theonella swinhoei . The new structures, featuring an unprecedented β-amino acid unit (AHMOA),Expand