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Transnational aspects of the Kurdish question
Simplifying a complex question, one may observe that the objectives of all Kurdish political movements of the past century have concerned two central issues, culture and territory. The KurdishExpand
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The Kurds in Movement: Migrations, mobilisations, communications and the globalisation of the Kurdish question
The Kurdish question today is a very different matter from what it was twenty-five years ago. Today's Kurdish movement is a very different movement from that of the 1970s — or rather, it consistsExpand
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The Suppression of the Dersim Rebellion in Turkey (1937-38)
In 1990 a book was published in Turkey that by its very title accused Turkey's one-party regime of the 1930s of having committed genocide in the Kurdish district of Dersim. The book was immediatelyExpand
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Islamic state or state Islam? Fifty years of state-Islam relations in Indonesia
In what appeared like a dramatic reversal of previous policies towards organised Islam, President Soeharto in December 1990 gave his personal endorsement to the establishment of the Association ofExpand
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The Kurds between Iran and Iraq
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Kurds, Turks and the Alevi Revival in Turkey
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'Aslini inkar eden haramzadedir': The debate on the ethnic identity of the Kurdish Alevis
The debate on the identity of the Kurdish Alevis still is in a state of flux. Among no other group in Turkey is there such an intensive and self-conscious search for the most appropriate way toExpand
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