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The Development of Intuitionistic Logic
Brouwer and Weyl: The Phenomenology and Mathematics of the Intuitive Continuumt
ed from its qualitative aspects. It is useful to think of the views of Weyl and Brouwer in connection with the phenomenology of the consciousness of internal time because Husserl probably investedExpand
On the philosophical development of Kurt Gödel
Godel first advocated the philosophy of Leibniz and then, since 1959, that of Husserl. Expand
Gödel's Logic
Brouwer meets Husserl: On the Phenomenology of Choice Sequences
An Informal Introduction.- The Argument.- The Original Positions.- The Phenomenological Incorrectness of the Original Arguments.- The Constitution of Choice Sequences.- Application: An Argument forExpand
The adventure of reason. Interplay between philosophy of mathematics and mathematical logic, 1900–1940
the adventure of reason interplay between philosophy mathematics and mathematical logic 1900 194 are a good way to achieve details about operating certainproducts. Many products that you buy can beExpand
On Gödel's awareness of Skolem's Helsinki lecture
Godel always claimed that he did not know Skolem's Helsinki lecture when writing his dissertation. Some questions and doubts have been raised about this claim, in particular on the basis of a libraryExpand
The hypothetical judgement in the history of intuitionistic logic
Kurt Gödel Maxims and Philosophical Remarks Volume X
This work presents the first complete German transcription of the Max Phil X notebook of Kurt Godel, offered in an open access version to the scholars of the Godelian community. The original notebookExpand
The irreflexivity of Brouwer's philosophy
I argue that Brouwer's general philosophy cannot accountfor itself, and, a fortiori, cannot lend justification tomathematical principles derived from it. Thus it cannot groundintuitionism, theExpand