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The Wollaston/Chenevix controversy over the elemental nature of palladium: A curious episode in the history of chemistry
Summary In the course of his chemical investigation of crude platina ore, William Hyde Wollaston in 1802 isolated and characterized the metal palladium. In early 1803, he chose to make known his
Restaging Liebig: A Study in the Replication of Experiments
The detailed descriptions published by Liebig in 1837 are used to reconstruct his apparatus and methods for hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen analysis and suggest that the great shift in science from gentlemanly avocation to professional vocation was tightly linked to laboratory practice, and not just to social networks and context.
Pure Intelligence: The Life of William Hyde Wollaston
William Hyde Wollaston made an astonishing number of discoveries in an astonishingly varied number of fields: platinum metallurgy, the existence of ultraviolet radiation, the chemical elements
Liebig's Alkaloid Analyses: the Uncertain Route from Elemental Content to Molecular Formulae
Abstract Liebig's 1831 paper that describes a new apparatus for the analysis of organic compounds and the results of several analyses using the apparatus is a justly famous contribution to the
Dalton's disputed nitric oxide experiments and the origins of his atomic theory.
A successful reconstruction of Dalton's experiments is reported and an analysis exonerating him of any scientific misconduct is provided, concluding that Dalton, already thinking atomistically, adjusted experimental conditions to obtain the integral combining proportions.
Azo-group stereochemistry and a correlation with ultraviolet absorption spectra
Using M.O. calculations, a correlation is established between the angle substended by an azo-group and the energy of the 1(n,π*) transition.
Wollaston's microtechniques for the electrolysis of water and electrochemical incandescence: a pioneer in miniaturization
Etude de l'amelioration du procede d'electrolyse de l'eau sur une electrode de platine depuis sa decouverte par Wollaston en 1801
The Platinum Notebooks of William Hyde Wollaston
Examination of the laboratory notebooks of W. H. Wollaston makes possible a complete reconstruction of his platinum researches, and valuable insights into the jinancial details of his platinum