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Preparation and drug adsorption characteristics of activated carbon beads suitable for oral administration.
An activated carbon preparation suitable for oral administration as an intestinal adsorbent was prepared by drying spherical beads of 48 to 250 mesh in which 8% activated carbon powder was dispersed.Expand
Production of human monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in TransChromo animals.
We have developed TransChromo (TC) technology, which enables the introduction of megabase-sized segments of DNA into cells. We have used this approach to derive mice that carry megabases of human DNAExpand
Post-exposure treatment of cats with mouse-cat chimeric antibodies against feline herpesvirus type 1 and feline calicivirus.
In order to confirm the in vivo effectiveness of anti- feline herpesvirus type 1 (FHV-1) mouse-cat chimeric antibody (FJH2), and anti-feline calicivirus (FCV) mouse-cat chimeric antibody (F1D7), catsExpand
Pre-exposure treatment of cats with anti-FHV-1 and anti-FCV mouse-cat chimeric antibodies.
Prior to pre-exposure treatment of cats with two mouse-cat chimeric antibodies, FJH2 and F1D7, having neutralizing activity to feline herpesvirus-1 (FHV-1) and cat calicivirus (FCV), respectively,Expand
Human Neutrophil Elastase Induce Interleukin-10 Expression in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells through Protein Kinase C Theta/Delta and Phospholipase Pathways
Objective Neutrophils have an important role in the rapid innate immune response, and the release or active secretion of elastase from neutrophils is linked to various inflammatory responses. PurposeExpand
Potent cough suppression by physiologically active substance in human plasma.
Human plasma contains wide variety of bioactive proteins that have proved essential in therapeutic discovery. However many human plasma proteins remain orphans with unknown biological functions.Expand