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Effect of season and temperature on mortality in amphibians due to chytridiomycosis.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the distribution and incidence of chytridiomycosis in eastern Australian frogs and to examine the effects of temperature on this disease. DESIGN A pathological survey and aExpand
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A Field Guide to Australian Frogs
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The antibiotic and anticancer active aurein peptides from the Australian Bell Frogs Litoria aurea and Litoria raniformis the solution structure of aurein 1.2.
Seventeen aurein peptides are present in the secretion from the granular dorsal glands of the Green and Golden Bell Frog Litoria aurea, and 16 from the corresponding secretion of the related SouthernExpand
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Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia
Throughout much of the world, frog populations are declining, with the survival of many species under threat. In Australia, several species have become extinct in the past 35 years. This secondExpand
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Population trends associated with skin peptide defenses against chytridiomycosis in Australian frogs
Many species of amphibians in the wet tropics of Australia have experienced population declines linked with the emergence of a skin-invasive chytrid fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. An innateExpand
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Evidence for biosynthesis of pseudophrynamine alkaloids by an Australian myobatrachid frog (pseudophryne) and for sequestration of dietary pumiliotoxins.
Australian myobatrachid frogs of the genus Pseudophryne have only two classes of alkaloids in skin extracts, pseudophrynamines (PSs) and pumiliotoxins (PTXs). The former are unique to such AustralianExpand
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Species-groups within the Australopapuan hulid frog genus Litoria Tschudi
The Australopapuan hylid frog genus Litoria Tschudi has been redefined on the basis of a suite of osteological, myological and external characters. The grouping of species according to the presenceExpand
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The action plan for Australian frogs
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Antipredator Mechanisms of Australian Frogs
We examined the antipredator mechanisms of 19 Australian hylid species (two genera) and 23 myobatrachid species (nine genera). Frogs of 39 of the 42 species exhibited one or more defensive mech-Expand
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