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Consciousness, Color, and Content
Experiences and feelings are inherently conscious states. There is something it is like to feel pain, to have an itch, to experience bright red. Philosophers call this sort of consciousnessExpand
Ten Problems of Consciousness: A Representational Theory of the Phenomenal Mind
  • M. Tye
  • Psychology
  • 23 January 1997
Part 1 The ten problems - phenomenal consciousness introduced, the problem of ownership, the problem of perspectival subjectivity, the problem of mechanism, the problem of phenomenal causation, theExpand
Ten Problems of Consciousness
Consciousness and Persons: Unity and Identity
In Consciousness and Persons: Unity and Identity, Michael Tye takes on the thorny issue of the unity of consciousness and answers these important questions: What exactly is the unity ofExpand
Nonconceptual Content, Richness, and Fineness of Grain
  • M. Tye
  • Psychology
  • 19 January 2006
NONCONCEPTUAL CONTENT, RICHNESS, AND FINENESS OF GRAIN As I view the scene before my eyes, there is a way the world looks to me. If the world is that way, my visual experience is accurate; if not, myExpand
Representationalism and the Transparency of Experience
Representationalism is a thesis about the phenomenal character of experiences, about their immediate subjective 'feel'.' At a minimum, the thesis is one of supervenience: necessarily, experiencesExpand
The fundamental assumption of cognitive psychology is that the cognitive mind is a representational system which mediates between sensory inputs and behavioral outputs. The primary task for theExpand
Consciousness Revisited: Materialism Without Phenomenal Concepts
  • M. Tye
  • Psychology
  • 12 December 2008
We are material beings in a material world, but we are also beings who have experiences and feelings. How can these subjective states be just a matter of matter? To defend materialism, philosophicalExpand
The Contents of Experience: Visual qualia and visual content
An improved twine wrapping mechanism is provided for a roll forming machine having a frame defining a roll forming region. The twine wrapping mechanism includes an elongated dispensing tube and meansExpand