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The Usability of Open Source Software
Open source communities have successfully developed a great deal of software although most computer users only use proprietary applications. The usability of open source software is often regarded asExpand
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Assessing Information Quality of a Community-Based Encyclopedia
Effective information quality analysis needs powerful yet easy ways to obtain metrics. The English version of Wikipedia provides an extremely interesting yet challenging case for the study ofExpand
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Information quality work organization in wikipedia
The classic problem within the information quality (IQ) research and practice community has been the problem of defining IQ. It has been found repeatedly that IQ is context sensitive and cannot beExpand
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Usability processes in open source projects
We explore how some open source projects address issues of usability. We describe the mechanisms, techniques and technology used by open source communities to design and refine the interfaces toExpand
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Browsing is a collaborative process
Interfaces to databases have traditionally been designed as single-user systems that hide other users and their activity. This paper aims to show that collaboration is an important aspect ofExpand
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Over the Shoulder Learning: Supporting Brief Informal Learning
  • M. Twidale
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)
  • 1 December 2005
The paper reviews work on informal technical help giving between colleagues. It concentrates on the process of how colleagues help each other to use a computer application to achieve a specific workExpand
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Exploring Usability Discussions in Open Source Development
The public nature of discussion in open source projects provides a valuable resource for understanding the mechanisms of open source software development. In this paper we explore how open sourceExpand
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Web Mash-ups and Patchwork Prototyping: User-driven technological innovation with Web 2.0 and Open Source Software
The recent emergence of Web mash-ups and open source software is driving the development of new practices in software and systems development. In this paper we explore novel practices of user-drivenExpand
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A framework for information quality assessment
One of the main components in information quality (IQ) assurance is an IQ measurement model design and operationalization. One cannot manage IQ without first being able to measure it meaningfully andExpand
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Integrating ethnography into the requirements engineering process
Experiences from an interdisciplinary project involving software engineers and sociologists are reported. The project is concerned with discovering the requirements of a user interface to a flightExpand
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