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Technological Discontinuities and Organizational Environments
Investigates the patterns of technological evolution and their impact on environmental conditions. Seven hypotheses are offered in order to demonstrate that technology is a central force in shapingExpand
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Exploitation, Exploration, and Process Management: The Productivity Dilemma Revisited
We develop a contingency view of process management's influence on both technological innovation and organizational adaptation. We argue that while process management activities are beneficial forExpand
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Technological Discontinuities and Dominant Designs: A Cyclical Model of Technological Change
The authors thank Eric Abrahamson, Warren Boeker, Donald Hambrick, and three anonymous reviewers for their assistance. An evolutionary model of technological change is proposed in which aExpand
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Ambidextrous Organizations: Managing Evolutionary and Revolutionary Change
Organizations evolve through periods of incremental or evolutionary change punctuated by discontinuous or revolutionary change. The challenge for managers is to adapt the culture and strategy ofExpand
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Special Issue: Frontiers of Organization Science, Part 2 of 2: Managing Strategic Contradictions: A Top Management Model for Managing Innovation Streams
We develop a model of managing strategic contradictions that is associated with paradoxical cognition-senior leaders and/or their teams (a) articulating a paradoxical frame, (b) differentiating between the strategy and architecture for the existing product and those for innovation. Expand
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Organizational Ambidexterity: Balancing Exploitation and Exploration for Sustained Performance
Organizational ambidexterity has emerged as a new research paradigm in organization theory, yet several issues fundamental to this debate remain controversial. Expand
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Exploration and Exploitation Within and Across Organizations
Abstract Jim March's framework of exploration and exploitation has drawn substantial interest from scholars studying phenomena such as organizational learning, knowledge management, innovation,Expand
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Process Management and Technological Innovation: A Longitudinal Study of the Photography and Paint Industries
This research explores the impact of process management activities on technological innovation. Drawing on research in organizational evolution and learning, we suggest that as these practices reduceExpand
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Organizational Ambidexterity: Past, Present, and Future
Organizational ambidexterity refers to the ability of an organization to both explore and exploit—to compete in mature technologies and markets where efficiency, control, and incremental improvementExpand
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