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Landscape Ecology: The Effect of Pattern on Process
Consideration of spatial dynamics in many areas of ecology has received increased attention during the past decade. For example, the role of disturbance in creating and maintaining a spatial mosaicExpand
Cross-scale Drivers of Natural Disturbances Prone to Anthropogenic Amplification: The Dynamics of Bark Beetle Eruptions
ABSTRACT Biome-scale disturbances by eruptive herbivores provide valuable insights into species interactions, ecosystem function, and impacts of global change. We present a conceptual framework usingExpand
Landscape Ecology Explained@@@Landscape Ecology in Theory and Practice: Pattern and Process
This book discusses the "scale-dependent nature of organism responses" in the Landscape, and the Intellectual Roots of Landscape Ecology, as well as general Insights from the Use of NLMs. Expand
The Report of the Ecological Society of America Committee on the Scientific Basis for Ecosystem Management
Ecosystem management is management driven by explicit goals, executed by policies, protocols, and practices, and made adaptable by monitoring and research based on our best understanding of theExpand
Disturbance and landscape dynamics in a changing world.
  • M. Turner
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Ecology
  • 1 October 2010
This paper synthesizes current understanding of disturbance with an emphasis on fundamental contributions to contemporary landscape and ecosystem ecology, then identifies future research priorities and addresses questions related to disturbances as catalysts of rapid ecological change. Expand
Landscape ecology: what is the state of the science?
▪ Abstract Landscape ecology focuses on the reciprocal interactions between spatial pattern and ecological processes, and it is well integrated with ecology. The field has grown rapidly over the pastExpand
Effects of changing spatial scale on the analysis of landscape pattern
The purpose of this study was to observe the effects of changing the grain (the first level of spatial resolution possible with a given data set) and extent (the total area of the study) of landscapeExpand
Factors Influencing Succession: Lessons from Large, Infrequent Natural Disturbances
Abundance and spatial arrangement of survivors and arrival patterns of propagules may be the pivotal factors determining how succession differs between intense disturbances of large and small extent. Expand
Do mountain pine beetle outbreaks change the probability of active crown fire in lodgepole pine forests
Disturbance interactions have received growing interest in ecological research in the last decade. Fire and bark beetle outbreaks have recently increased in severity and extent across western NorthExpand