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Causes of Sprawl: A Portrait from Space
We study the extent to which US urban development is sprawling and consider what determines differences in sprawl across space. Using remote-sensing data to track the evolution of land use on a gridExpand
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Urban Growth and Transportation
We estimate the effects of major roads and public transit on the growth of major cities in the US between 1980 and 2000. We find that a 10% increase in a city’s stock of roads causes about a 2%Expand
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Roads, Railroads, and Decentralization of Chinese Cities
We investigate how urban railroad and highway configurations have influenced urban form in Chinese cities since 1990. Each radial highway displaces 4% of central city population to surroundingExpand
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Transportation Costs and the Spatial Organization of Economic Activity
This paper surveys the theoretical and empirical literature on the relationship between the spatial distribution of economic activity and transportation costs. We develop a multi-region model ofExpand
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Roads and Trade: Evidence from the US
We estimate the effect of interstate highways on the level and composition of trade for us cities. Highways within cities have a large effect on the weight of city exports with an elasticity ofExpand
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Land Use Regulation and Welfare
We evaluate the effect of land use regulation on the value of land and on welfare. Our estimates are based on a decomposition of the effects of regulation into three components: an own‐lot effect,Expand
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The effects of land transfer taxes on real estate markets: evidence from a natural experiment in Toronto
Taxes levied on the sale or purchase of real estate are pervasive but little studied. By exploiting a natural experiment arising from Toronto’s imposition of a Land Transfer Tax (LTT) in earlyExpand
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The overall goal of our paper is to begin the task of laying out the current facts and to describe systematically the organization and utilization of China’s cultivated land resources. Currently, weExpand
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Fat City: Questioning the Relationship between Urban Sprawl and Obesity
We study the relationship between urban sprawl and obesity. Using data that tracks individuals over time, we find no evidence that urban sprawl causes obesity. We show that previous findings of aExpand
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Meetings with Costly Participation
We study a collective decision-making process in which people interested in an issue may participate, at a cost, in a meeting, and the resulting decision is a compromise among the participants'Expand
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