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Climate change and the permafrost carbon feedback
Large quantities of organic carbon are stored in frozen soils (permafrost) within Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. A warming climate can induce environmental changes that accelerate the microbialExpand
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The Role of Bryophytes in Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling
management. How does our behavior (including urban development and land-use, water consumption, pollution) influence the movement of energy, water, and elements at local, regional, national or globalExpand
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Effects of soil rewetting and thawing on soil gas fluxes: a review of current literature and suggestions for future research
Abstract. The rewetting of dry soils and the thawing of frozen soils are short-term, transitional phenomena in terms of hydrology and the thermodynamics of soil systems. The impact of theseExpand
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Recent changes in the fire regime across the North American boreal region—Spatial and temporal patterns of burning across Canada and Alaska
of more large fire events (>1,000 km 2 ). The proportion of total burned area from human-ignited fires decreased over this same time period, while the proportion of burning during the early and late-Expand
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Impacts of climate change on fire activity and fire management in the circumboreal forest
Forest fires are a significant and natural element of the circumboreal forest. Fire activity is strongly linked to weather, and increased fire activity due to climate change is anticipated orExpand
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A synthesis of methane emissions from 71 northern, temperate, and subtropical wetlands.
Wetlands are the largest natural source of atmospheric methane. Here, we assess controls on methane flux using a database of approximately 19 000 instantaneous measurements from 71 wetland sitesExpand
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A database and synthesis of northern peatland soil properties and Holocene carbon and nitrogen accumulation
Here, we present results from the most comprehensive compilation of Holocene peat soil properties with associated carbon and nitrogen accumulation rates for northern peatlands. Our database consistsExpand
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Current disturbance and the diminishing peatland carbon sink
[1] Cumulative impacts of disturbances on peatland carbon must be understood to predict future soil carbon stocks, yet the vulnerability and response of peatlands to disturbance have been neglected.Expand
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Multi-omics of permafrost, active layer and thermokarst bog soil microbiomes
Over 20% of Earth’s terrestrial surface is underlain by permafrost with vast stores of carbon that, once thawed, may represent the largest future transfer of carbon from the biosphere to theExpand
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Vulnerability of high‐latitude soil organic carbon in North America to disturbance
[1] This synthesis addresses the vulnerability of the North American high‐latitude soil organic carbon (SOC) pool to climate change. Disturbances caused by climate warming in arctic, subarctic, andExpand
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