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[A case of penis self-injection of liquid paraffin--operative treatment and results].
The authors describe a rare clinical case named penis "paraffinoma" or "lipogranuloma". This problem has been discussed in only 6 scientific reports and articles during the period 1996-2002 [1, 2, 4,Expand
Human Polyomavirus BK (BKV) Reactivation Among Bulgarian Renal-Allograft Patients
The high incidence of viruria among allograft recipients was linked occasionally to BKV disease, only in n=2/50 patients, presumptive BK-associated nephropathy (BKAN). Expand
[Lansinoh in the treatment of sore nipples in breastfeeding women].
Lansinoh is purified lanolin suitable for prophylactics and treatment of sore nipples and lead to a statistically significant difference in the nipple attribute score before and after treatment. Expand
[For and against non-obstetrical indications for cesarean section].
The conclusions of the authors is that the Obstetricians, who manage the delivery, may not always be comparted with that of the other specialist, this comes from the fact that the responsibility is mainly for him. Expand
[The C-reactive protein level of patients after the extracorporeal lithotripsy of urinary calculi].
The task undertaken is to use the serum level of C-reactive protein as a criterion for evaluating the extent of renal parenchyma damage following extracorporeal lithotripsy of urinary calculi (ELUC). Expand
Novel Light-Upon-Extension (LUX) Real-Time PCR Primer System for Rapid Detection of Polyomavirus Hominis 1 (BKV) in Clinical Samples
A novel molecular technique is the light-upon extension (LUX) real-time PCR using fluorogenic primers for BKV detection and its high specificity but also the rapidity and non-invasiveness of the method for demonstration of ongoing viral replication. Expand
[The treatment of prostatic carcinoma with cyproterone acetate].
It is believed that the combination cyproterone acetate with other hormonal preparations or orchiectomy yield optimal results in all groups of patients. Expand